O Pioneers!

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  • Symbolism In Willa Cather's O Pioneers !

    Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! tells the gripping tale of Alexandra, a farmer on the Nebraska plains and her ordeals as she faces obstacles with her farm life and personal life. The novel expands into further character plots, however, specifically that of Emil and Marie, Alexandra’s brother and his married love interest, respectively. Ending in tragedy, Cather memorializes them with this passage: “But the stained, slippery grass, the darkened mulberries, told only half the story. Above Marie and Emil, two white butterflies from Frank’s alfalfa-field were fluttering in and out among the interlacing shadows; diving and soaring, now close together, now far apart; and in the long grass by the fence the last wild roses of the year opened their pink…

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  • Gender Roles In O Pioneers !

    From the beginning of “O Pioneers!” readers are shown a complete disregard, or reversal, of gender roles. Gender roles are highly discussed in American literature. Characters in “O Pioneers!” are not shamed for their gender reversals, Alexandra is actually seemed to be praised for being masculine. Alexandra is the character that the audience gets to see gender reversal in. Carl is also described differently than the stereotypical man. While Alexandra and Carl are the most prominent characters…

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  • Comparison Of O Pioneers And Ethan Frome

    O Pioneers and Ethan Frome are two classic, exciting novels. Even though the two plots of these stories aren’t much alike, the have similarities so often, it’s eerie. From the cold, harsh winter that the stories take place in, to the fact that they were written 2 years apart (1911 - 1913). These stories were not meant to relate at all, but the more you read, the more similarities you may find throughout both books. I find it funny that the similarities are not more recognised in the reading…

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  • Theme Of O Pioneers By Willa Cather

    In the book O pioneers! By Willa Cather, there are many themes, from self-sacrifice to how horribly terrible relationships can go. However one of the themes relates most to U.S. history and that is how the book compares how the foreign characters were treated compared to that of real-life immigrants from the late 19th century to the early 20th. During the 19th century and the early 20th, there was a spike in the number of immigrants to America from all over the world. During this time, however,…

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  • Analysis Of O Pioneers By Willa Cather

    The story “O! Pioneers” written by Willa Cather uses three types of writing views. She uses the Romantic, Realistic, and Naturalistic views to write the story. The story is about a girl named Alexandra and how she deals with loss, failure, and loneliness. Cather mostly uses the naturalistic view to explain the struggles that Alexandra goes through, but she also uses the romantic and realistic views to explain it. Cather uses the Realistic view to show us Alexandra realization of what happened.…

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  • True Love In Cather's O Pioneers

    Dessen pinpoints the emotions and obstacles Marie has experienced through her love for Emil. For Marie, love for Emil was never expected or convenient, but was spontaneous and burdensome. This is exactly what Dessen describes to be “true love”, one that happens by chance at the worst time possible but is composed of passion and intensity. Dessen even describes the “single, throbbing moment”, where Marie and Emil express this true love in one passionate night under the stars. Although this love…

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  • Farming In Willa Cather's O Pioneers

    Willa Cather entwines the historical dimension of the Homestead Act throughout her novel O Pioneers. Alexandra Bergson and her family must overcome many obstacles to accomplish successful farming in the Middle West. Cather uses the main character, Alexandra, to portray the great feat taken in order to continually learn how to cultivate the rugged land and make it into flourishing farmland. Alexandra followed her father’s wishes in taking care of the farm— a task that was uncertain to be…

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  • O Pioneers ! By Willa Cather Summary

    The book O Pioneers! written by Willa Cather, originally published by Hesperus Press in 1913. O Pioneers! has five parts, each part having their own chapter. It tells the struggles and successes of a Swedish-American farming family that moves to Hanover, Nebraska in the turn of the 20th century. In the five parts of the book, many things happen to the Bergson’s, the Swedish-American family that immigrated to Hanover, Nebraska in the 1800’s. One wintry January day, Alexandra Bergson and her five…

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  • The Themes Of Immigration In O Pioneers ! By Willa Cather

    “People did change, and a change could be a bloom as well as a withering...” -Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road, page 137 This quote relates very well to the book O Pioneers! for, in the book we read about how the U.S. was for the Bergson family, how they sometimes changed for the better and for the worst, we can also see this in the way that new immigrants were treated. One theme of the book relates most to U.S. history and that is how the book compares how the foreign…

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  • Concepts Of A Leader Analysis

    has an excellent character. It is of most extreme significance that a pioneer is reliable to lead others. A pioneer should be trusted and be known to carry on with their existence with genuineness and respectability. A decent leader has a superb character. It is of most outrageous essentialness that a pioneer is solid to lead others. A pioneer ought to be trusted and be known to go ahead with their reality with validity and respectability. An average pioneer "walks the exchange" and in doing…

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