The Journey Of Chris Mccandless: Alex Supertramp

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Twenty-four-year-old Christopher McCandless was a strong adventurer who disappeared after graduating college to go on a backpacking trip which ended up in the Alaskan wilderness. Chris McCandless became Alex Supertramp because he wanted to explore the unexplored and discover a life without responsibility, possessions, people, money, lies, and abusive relationships. He severely wanted to prove that one’s life does not require road maps and plans but that one could be perfectly happy as a free man with just the clothes on his back. Chris never really had much control over his life; growing up, he was always spoon-fed and received all he wanted due to the wealth of his family. His parents, Walt and Billie were always focused on financial success and control over Chris’s life, which lead him to a fatal trip into the wild. His parents retained much authority over his decisions, including what career he …show more content…
Chris became Alex to get away from his old life; he wanted to explore a new journey, a new life where he did not have to worry about the things in his past life. He tried to find his true inner-self, find what made him truly happy, because his father never allowed him to find and do what he desired most. Alex wanted a new beginning, a fresh start where he did not have to worry about the opinions and rude comments of others. He wanted a life with no possessions and authority, along with no lies and toxic relationships. Alex was disgusted and hated the life Chris McCandless had. He wanted nothing to do with Chris and the McCandless family; he did not want to be found, so he changed his identity. Disliking the life he had drove him to become Alex, keeping his past a secret and isolating himself from Chris’s life, or well known his old

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