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  • Emma Watson: The Life Of Emma Watson

    Have you ever been inspired by someone? Many people around the globe, including myself have been. One person that I find inspiring is Emma Watson. In this research paper, I will enlighten you on the events, interests, and people that helped shape Ms. Watson into the person she is today, the challenges that she has faced throughout her life, and her contributions to the betterment of society. On April 15, 1990, Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born in Paris, France.Throughout Emma’s life, there have been many events, interests, and people that have helped to mold her into the woman that she is today. At the age of five, spurring from her parent’s divorce, Emma, along with her mother and brother, relocated to Oxfordshire, England. Once relocated,…

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  • Emma Watson Case Study

    share their experience and thoughts “with other like-minded people” who like the same object as them (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). In the case of Emma Watson’s fans, it is hard to measure the extent of their knowledge on the young UN Women goodwill…

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  • Emma Watson Feminism

    In fact Emma Watson is a feminist and had feminism a “twitter world wide” subject. Watson has reminded “us that feminism is not a female issue, it is a human issue” (Kay). Emma Watson has gathered with a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador to form a campaign called “#HeforShe” (Kay). This campaign is designed to have males advocating for gender equality. The campaign, which went viral, had male celebrities such as Harry Styles and Chris Colfer tweeting about gender equality and their support for fellow…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis: Emma Watson

    Emma Watson spoke beautifully on the topic of feminism to the UN. This speech can be incorporated into the Liberal Arts core at Marywood. Not only does her speech relate to the core curriculum but it can be applied to a physician assistant major too. the core does not relate to being a physician assistant but it does allow for the raising of questions and topics such as feminism. The liberal arts core consists of englishes, histories, art classes, and foreign language electives that are…

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  • Emma Watson Speech Analysis

    recently united for the women’s march on Washington in protest against their newly elect-president. The issue of inequality has a long history and even though people have stricken back in various moments throughout the years, inequality is still a concern of today’s society. For this reason, speeches that concern these problematic topics become extremely important. Therefore, we decided to present an analysis of Emma Watson’s HeforShe campaign speech 2014 at the United Nations, as well as…

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  • Emma Watson Rhetorical Analysis

    Gender Equality On September 20, 2014, Emma Watson, an actress and UN women Goodwill Ambassador, in her speech entitled “Gender Equality is Your Issue To” addresses gender equality and argues for support from others. She supports this claim by first launching a campaign “HeForShe”, then talking about her past experiences with gender issues, and finally she request support with her campaign. Through Watson ‘s use of rhetorical appeals, tone, and rhetorical tools she effectively persuades all…

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  • Emma Watson Gender Equality Analysis

    Gender equality and Feminism are a ideal that in all aspects of gender, and sexes, are equal in every form. Whether is for money, politics, or in society. Sadly in the world, the idea of equality is an overall not a fully excepted ideal. Where it is a very known problem in the world, not very much is being done to fulfill the equality of both genders. On September 20th 2014, Emma Watson delivered a speech at the United Nations about launching a campaign called “He for She”. To call upon people…

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  • Emma Watson Heforshe Case Study

    Her speech focused on men and how the social systems in place hurt them as much as others. She extended a formal invitation, stating men have long been excluded from the struggle for gender equality and a lack of invitation was the reason they were not active allies. Putting aside that men have been invited numerous times to participate in the past, focusing on the negative effects of patriarchy on men elides male privilege and the structures in place that specifically harm and oppress non-cis…

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  • Equality By Emma Watson And Sojourner Truth

    gender gap. However, through the speeches on equality by Emma Watson, and Sojourner Truth. This article will dig deep to the heart of what feminism truly is, contrary to what contemporary feminism is; a hate movement towards men. What is Feminism? Feminism in the Merriam-Webber dictionary states that it is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”. Historically, feminism first came to play in roughly the 1850’s, being known as women 's suffrage groups. It…

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  • Emma Watson, Cesar Chavez, And Mother Jones

    It Takes Persistences, Hard Work, and Patience As the congresswoman Kay Granger said, “Human rights are not a privilege granted by the few, they are a liberty entitled to all.”. Emma Watson, Cesar Chavez, and Mother Jones all fought for different human rights. These three inspiring people fought for gender equality, child labor laws, and migrant worker laws. Although these individuals fought for different human rights, using the trait of persistence they were able to fight for what they thought…

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