Emma Watson Case Study

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This essay has employed the word ‘fan’ in more than one instance. Yet, what is a fan? It is someone who admires or loves an object of fandom such as a celebrity, a movie, or a sports team, for instance, and has extensive knowledge of that object (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). Moreover, fans feel a deep emotional connection as well as an attachment to their fandom, which leads them to pass a considerate amount of time on it (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). Additionally, fans are likely to share their experience and thoughts “with other like-minded people” who like the same object as them (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). In the case of Emma Watson’s fans, it is hard to measure the extent of their knowledge on the young UN Women goodwill …show more content…
As one can see, NicoleAlexis goes against the idea that Emma Watson is a perfect representation of what a feminist should be, which is propagated by the media and by the United Nations (Connor, 2016). Rather, the Goodreads user takes a “critical distance” from Watson and formulates that Watson might have a more narrow vision of feminism instead of being intersectional and considering that other factors such as race, abilities, and sexual orientation influence gender inequalities (Jenkins, 1992, p.284; Gines, 2011, p.275). This belief led to a verbal argument with another user, Helen, who strongly disagrees with NicoleAlexis’ views (Our Shared Shelf, 2016). Helen seems to be influenced by the emotional proximity that she feels towards Watson, which leads her insult those who do not support her views (Jenkins, 1992, p.284). This is linked to another feature, which Jenkins discusses: fandoms have notable critical and interpretive practices (Jenkins, 1992, p.284). This includes knowing the fans’ preferred reading of an object; in this case, the preferred reading would be that Emma is a good model of feminism (Jenkins, 1992,

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