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“Feminists are man-hating, bra-burning, big fat ugly, unhygienic women who are needy, whiny, greedy, lesbians” (“Yes All Women”). Similarly to all social groups, feminists are given harsh, demeaning, and false stereotypes. Not all feminists hate men nor are they all unhygienic. Feminists are not all homosexuals either; in fact, feminists can be celebrity male role models such as David Radcliffe, Harry Styles, and Chris Colfer. Over the years, feminists have dealt with being branded by negative perceptions that derive from the media - not the movement’s mission in itself (Law). In contrast to the extremist propaganda, feminism is simply the urge for men and women to have equal rights and opportunities.
Dating back as far as 1848, feminists
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In fact Emma Watson is a feminist and had feminism a “twitter world wide” subject. Watson has reminded “us that feminism is not a female issue, it is a human issue” (Kay). Emma Watson has gathered with a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador to form a campaign called “#HeforShe” (Kay). This campaign is designed to have males advocating for gender equality. The campaign, which went viral, had male celebrities such as Harry Styles and Chris Colfer tweeting about gender equality and their support for fellow actress Emma Watson and her movement. Similarly to known actress Emma Watson, well-known female vocalist Nicki Minaj is another celebrity female role model whom promotes feminism on a daily basis. In almost every show that Minaj performs she manages to make a quick speech about feminism and empowering young teen girls to go for their dreams and stand on their own, without a man. In an interview with V Magazine Minaj states …show more content…
There are a lot of strong male rappers who’ve influenced me a great deal in terms of my skill, my flow, and my business-savvy side. But at the end of the day, I still want to inspire women. (Beaudoin)
Minaj is also known for pushing the sexual boundaries in her music videos; but what the narcissistic critics don’t understand is that is her goal. “What better way for society to progress from its archaic notions of female sexuality?” (Beaudoin). Minaj is empowering young ladies with feminism in a subtle light; she’s reassuring women of all ages that women were not put on this earth to please men, and that we are equals. Men don’t get called whores if they are out all night at the club, men don’t get called a bitch if they speak up for themselves, and so why do women?

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