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  • Alissa Nutting Model's Assistant Analysis

    Alissa Nutting Model’s Assistant: My Best Friend Garla Why are you making a decent attempt to fit in when you were destined to emerge? In the story "Models Assistant" by Alissa Nutting, she paints an examination between humanities battle between medias unattainable flawlessness, and our own instabilities that prompt the fixation of our predictable approval through these standards. In such manner, Alissa perfectly exemplifies our unreliable society, whereas Garla fills in as the background to…

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  • The School For Good And Evil Character Analysis

    The School for good and evil written by lacopo Bruno. The school for good and evil is a fantasy book with many unreal and made up challenges or complications.The 2 main characters in The story is Agatha and Sophie, who think they are best friends. at the beginning of the story Sophie claims to be the protagonist, but throughout the story situations prove that she's the antagonist.The text States ‘’Sophie never thought of herself as a villain, but she liked the truth that she was’’ This…

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  • Comparing Pride And Prejudice And Emma By Jane Austen

    Jane Austen’s famous work is "Pride and Prejudice" and “emma”. You may have heard of a book called "Pride and Prejudice" and “emma”. And most of you who know about it may probably read about it. For it is read, there will be many different impressions and aspects they're focusing on. I have read by comparing the character and atmosphere or all situation of the two books. Say from conclusion, both the books has great similarities. First, let's look at the book, Pride and Prejudice. You can…

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  • Feministerity In Elinor's Sense And Sensibility

    Elinor’s verbal dexterity is apparent at the meetings at Barton Park with the Exeter-hailed Miss Steeles. Though the elder Miss Steele’s obnoxiousness stems from her vulgarity, the young Lucy Steele’s unattractiveness comes from her shrewdness and her strategic confession to Elinor of her engagement to Edward Ferrars. Lucy appears to be the victor of the confrontation and the societal superior: her “superior claims on Edward” forces Elinor into a “silent amazement” while securing her future…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between Emma And Clueless

    Emma, a novel written by Jane Austen, and Amy Heckerling 's high school drama, Clueless, are very comparable and alike, even though they were created at very different times. Emma was created in 1816 and has a lot old fashioned issues relating to that time, and Clueless, created in 1995, has the same issues only modernized. The movie Clueless has many similar conflicts and ideas like the novel, Emma, for instance, character similarities, attempted matchmaking between the characters, character…

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  • Character Differences Between Clueless And Emma

    Amy Heckerling portrays Jane Austen 's novel Emma by directing Clueless, a film that reflects the Regency England into the 20th century world. Although Heckerling updates her audiences from the small town of Highbury into Beverly Hill, she closely imitates the plot and characterization. From the beginning of the novel and film, the similarities between the two heroines are obvious. Both Emma Woodhouse and Cher are spoiled, high class teenagers whose superficial and pretentious attitude throws…

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  • Comedy In Pride And Prejudice

    “Pride and Prejudice” Literary Analysis “A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment” (Austen, 23). “Pride and Prejudice”, a romantic novel by author Jane Austen, tells the story of a family in the early 1800s consisting of seven, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters. The novel is based upon the time period when females were not in high status unless they married rich and well. Struggles occured with the two eldest daughters…

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  • Humour In The Importance Of Being Earnest

    THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST The Importance of Being Earnest is one of Oscar Wilde’s most well-known plays and is known for its witty humour and the mocking of the Victorian society. Satirizing of the Victorian views on marriage and the morals and standards of the upper class creates humour in The Importance of Being Earnest. This is supported by stylistic devices and wordplays. The characters in The Importance of Being Earnest, especially Lady Bracknell, mock the snobbism of the upper class…

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  • Character Analysis Of Fake Smiles In 'Emma'

    Imagine having to force a smile every day to hide your true feelings. In the novel, Emma, Miss Bates lives a façade to conceal her many insecurities and true unhappiness. She appears to be cheerful and full of life but she is crumbling inside. Miss Bates is the epitome of the saying, things are not always what they seem. Miss Bates is a positive woman with an even more positive attitude. A prime example is when Emma Woodhouse, a snobby, self-centered young lady, publicly insults Miss Bates.…

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  • Narrative Perspective In Jane Austen's Emma Austen

    In Emma Austen uses narrative perspective to shape the reader 's experience and interactions with the novel. Although most of the novel is narrated from Emma 's point of view, Mr. Knightley perspective is presented to the reader through dialogue and free indirect discourse. Though we the reader get other view points besides that of Emma 's and Mr. Knightley 's it is usually that of an omniscient narrator. The narrator while critical of Emma is not the novel 's voice of reason though that…

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