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  • Analysis Of A Bag Of Potato Chips

    that the labeled amount is false due to the amount of empty space inside. Thus, the goal of this paper is to explore this idea and document the experimentation that follows in order to find out whether or not a bag of snack food contains its labeled amount. To begin with, the air inside packaged snack bags is important for preserving the product. The air inside the bag acts as a cushion, so that the product inside is not crushed. This is critical for when bags are tightly placed into boxes, which then deal with any possible rough handling that comes with the shipping procedures. But, the air inside the bags is not the same as the air we breathe around us. This is because of a packaging practice known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging. As the name implies, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, is the alteration of the internal air composition of the packages. There are three main gases used in MAP; either by themselves or in combination. They are O2 (Oxygen), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), and N2 (Nitrogen). Nitrogen is the most commonly used as it is easy and cost effective to store and purify. When the product is inserted into the packaging, nitrogen is injected in order to force the majority of the oxygen outside the bag. This method is known as nitrogen flushing. The reason why it would be beneficial to have mostly nitrogen in the bag rather than oxygen, is because nitrogen does not react with the food or carry moisture. This prevents the food from oxidizing and getting soft,…

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  • The Aspects Of Global Warming

    The greatness and rate of future environmental change will essentially rely on upon the accompanying variables: The rate at which levels of nursery gas focuses in our climate keep on increasing. How firmly elements of the atmosphere react to the normal increment in nursery gas focuses. Regular impacts on atmosphere and normal procedures inside the atmosphere framework. Researchers use PC models of the atmosphere framework to better comprehend these issues and venture future atmosphere changes.…

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  • Radiation Spectroscopy Essay

    scientists have two major goals: detecting smaller, more Earth-like planets, and characterizing particular planets of interest. With the advent of the extremely large telescope (ELT) era soon approaching, these two goals will become increasingly intertwined as better instruments give us the power to study the atmospheres of smaller, potentially habitable planets. In the meantime we can look at the brightest targets, typically Jupiter-sized planets in close-orbits, i.e. “hot Jupiters,” with…

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  • Importance Of Nature Essay

    Importance of the Nature Conservation Nature is constantly changing, even before the dawn of humanity. From the breakup of Pangaea to the extinction of dinosaurs, from the Sahara Pump to the Ice Age, Earth has completely changed from what it was millions of years ago. Beyond these spontaneous events, initiated by Nature itself, Humans are continuously adapting the Planet to accommodate their needs through careless interaction with their surrounding environment. The influence of anthropogenic…

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  • Sos Climate Change

    Before taking the SoS Climate Change course I thought I had a fairly solid foundation on what factors cause climate to change and how those factors interact, how climate has changed over the past hundreds of millions of years and how scientist predict the future climate of our planet. I soon found out that I merely had a solid scaffold on which to build a much better understanding for myself and my students. The biggest take away for me was how Earth’s systems all work together and that there…

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  • Ir Reflective Pigment Essay

    wavelength. Application of IR reflective pigments for roof Cement, concrete and pavers IR reflective pigment does not lighten when it used in cement. Infrared reflectance allows the colour to stay true for a longer period of time. Decorative pavement coating Decorative pavement coating is epoxy modified acrylic pigmented coating which is blend of IR reflective pigment and scratch resistance. High IR reflective paint applied on surface of pavement tile. By using highly reflective coating…

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  • The Environmental Causes And Effects Of Global Warming The World

    physical temperature has gradually began to increase by one degree almost every year. A temperature increase of one degrees does not sound harmful but yet it has caused many natural disasters such as droughts and major storms like floods, tsunamis, and unexpected tornados. Fossil fuels, deforestation, and electrical power plants are some factors that have caused this global crisis. Fossil fuels, deforestation, and electrical power plants release harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide into the…

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  • An Essay On Greenhouse Effect

    The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring process within our atmosphere, it aids in heating the earths surface and atmosphere. The greenhouse affect is caused by the fact that certain atmospheric gases, gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and methane are able to change the energy balance of the planet by absorbing long wave radiation emitted from earth’s surface. Without the greenhouse affect our earth would be a chilly -18°C in comparison to the present average temperature of 15°C.…

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  • The Cause, Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

    (Tollefson). Because of the greenhouse effect, we experience increase of high temperatures in unusual weather patterns. The greenhouse effect isn’t the only unnatural cause; aerosols are also another contributor to global warming. Aerosols are a crucial manmade radiative forcing of climate (Selin). They barricade some of oncoming solar radiation which generates a negative radiative forcing (Seling). Aerosols can change climate by taking in or pushing out any oncoming solar radiation. Also, they…

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  • Global Warming Caused By Humans Essay

    The harmful chemicals put into the earth’s atmosphere are not only damaging the ozone layer, but they are also harming the air that humans, animals, and many other things in nature take in every single day. In an article by Jennifer Bergman titled “Air Pollution” she states that air pollution can range from many things including, smog and acid rain. Smog is a fog or haze that is combined with smoke and other atmospheric pollutants. Smog makes it harder to see, and it also makes the air harder to…

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