Traditional Architecture Vs Modern Architecture Analysis

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We are used to hear the word architecture is always accompanied by the word of art. As all the books of historical and private architecture references said the art triangle is: architecture, sculpture and painting. Architecture was on the top of the list, or the leader of Fine Arts so that's why it named by Romanian as a mother of the art.
Architecture is not just a kind of the art because it grew up and formed as a scientific basis of social to achieve the necessities of life. therefore, the human spent an effort on it since inception Day. Architecture has to do with planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience to reflect functional, technical, social, environmental and aesthetic
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• They should not be looking back in time and design buildings in the old styles.
• Architects should also strive to use news available technology when building houses.
These lead to most important questions which are:
• Can modern and traditional architecture coexist?
• Should architects try and translate the best practices of the past successfully into modern buildings or should they discard those and only use modern methods and technology?
In fact, individuals divided into two sides according to their views on the thought that:
1- Should the designers that the outline of the building for the time being the use of new innovation, and should the traditional be ignored.
2- Modern and traditional architecture can coexist and should have a link between modern and traditional architecture (link from the past to the future).

Well, for me, I am absolutely against with ignoring the traditional architecture idea based on many reasons and
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Therefore, in architecture education, the studies on evaluating “ancient” with innovative perspective in building a reliable connection between past and future, making inferences and transferring them into modern architecture using latest technologies are considerably important. Traditional architecture does not reject modern technology by any stretch of the imagination. When a new technology comes along which is an improvement over past techniques, it is natural to embrace

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