Landscape architecture

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  • Contemporary Landscape Architecture

    fall on deaf ears, written off as mere nostalgia (Hunt 2014, 1). Focusing on landscape architecture, this essay will defend the presence of history in contemporary thought and promote an active and critical engagement with the antecedents of design. It will be argued that the study of design history provides valuable self-reflection and a broader understanding of the context designers operate within, offers the ability to respond in an informed and sensitive manner to…

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  • Lawrence Halprin: Modern Landscape Architecture

    Lawrence Halprin Lawrence Halprin was an influential landscape architect. His projects have many values to become benchmarks in the development of modern landscape architecture. For example, the most his favorite design is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington D.C which set a new standard for the public’s involvement. The plazas and grand fountains in Portland, Oregon are a joyful participation in public open spaces. Moreover, he also wrote many lectures and books, such as the Sea…

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  • The Importance Of Landscape Architecture

    strengthen my desire that I am an agent of change to make this world a better place. The little change I always want to install is creating sustainability and better livelihood as a solution because humanity is placing inordinate demands on nature and our environment condition is getting worse. My biggest dream as a world-class landscape architect will address those issues both in my home country and global scale through my main duty to preserve and conserve environment by configuring and…

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  • Importance Of Paradigm Shift

    human population requires a bigger residential space, however this request will ineluctably decrease the space of natural resources. Moreover, starting from the late 1950s, with Rachel Carson published her book Silent Spring, people started pay attention to the pollution of synthetic particles as to all the environmental problems caused by the civilization process. As kuhn states, awareness is prerequisite to all acceptable changes of theory. Plus with urban system getting bigger and more…

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  • Phoenix Art Museum Essay

    The Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix Public Library, and the Phoenix Art Museum have key characteristics that represent the landscape as well as their functionality. It can be said that the design of these buildings are similar and at the same time completely different in the way that they represent the landscape. The Instrument museum was designed by Rich Varda, an award-winning architect. The construction began on February 2008 and the museum opened its doors in April 2010. The Phoenix…

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  • Central Park: A Healthy City

    Central Park was not always a place for people of all ages and social statues to enjoy a time of leisure. It was the foundation Vaux and Olmsted set with their park in their creation of a natural looking landscape, integration of architecture into the landscape and picturesque theory, and the enlightenment ideas they incorporated that helped Central Park become one of the first true public parks. After the parks construction the people started to shape and build the park into what it is today.…

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  • Elements Of Landscaping

    Landscaping is the art of balancing both the hardscape and softscape elements, therefore, one should have a fair knowledge on these elements to create a perfect balance in the landscape. C. Physical Space: Most of the times, designing is directly related to the attributes of physical space. One has to consider the topography, climate, site drainage, soil quality, municipal codes while designing the landscape. 1. Topography: Each land has its unique characteristics like different landforms,…

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  • The Eames House Analysis

    The Eames House was originally part of an architecture program called the Case Study Houses headed by John Entenza, the editor of Arts and Architecture. The idea was to create a home for a specific clientele influenced by the post-war modern world using materials and techniques derived from the experiences of World War II. The Eames’s plan for the house was designed to adapt accordingly to its surrounding environment, creating a space where human civilization and nature coexists harmoniously.…

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  • Analysis Of A Pleasant Trip To The Cumberland Plateau

    Cain Demumbra Jennifer Wilson English 1010 27 October 2017 A Pleasant Trip to the Cumberland Plateau A plateau is a land area having a relatively level surface considerably raised above adjoining land on at least one side and is often cut by deep canyons. The Cumberland Plateau goes from Wayne County in Kentucky to Scott County in Tennessee. I will be writing primarily about areas in and around Cumberland County. The Cumberland Plateau includes parts of Wayne and McrCreary counties in Kentucky…

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  • Villa Borghese Essay

    during the ceremonies given by the Pope himself on Sundaes and festive seasons. Vatican gardens can be visited with certain restrictions and access is possible only through a touring group. The access is given for only two hours and the visitor is escorted out of the garden if the time limit exceeds. However, those two hours can make the visitor peaceful as the place is filled with benevolence and pleasing designs further enhance calmness of mind. St. Peter’s Basilica is a master work of…

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