The Architecture Of Modern Architecture In Downtown Los Angeles

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Modern Architecture in Los Angeles In Los Angeles, the captivating buildings of different sizes and structures are an important element to the city’s identity. Common bystanders might only see buildings as structures that are useful as work, commercial, and living places. Even though architecture is an essential component to provide the best use of space, there is more than meets the eye. The architecture of buildings exposes to us a time, a style, and a story that speak an abundant amount of the downtown Los Angeles community. Los Angeles played a key role in modernism’s development and influences. Modernism in downtown Los Angeles moved the communities into a new nontraditional style. As we explore the buildings of Los Angeles we see how the modernistic approach of architecture has taken over the old …show more content…
Mapping the buildings that express this architectural style of modernism is important because it identifies Los Angeles move towards modern styles that represent the community’s development.
The formal definition in the dictionary of Modernism is a style or movement in the arts that aims to break with classical and traditional forms. As the definition states, modern architecture in downtown Los Angeles strayed away from traditional and classical style. As Candance Jones’ article Rebels with a Cause: Formation, Contestation, and Expansion of the Novo Category “Modern Architecture” states, “These architects enacted different artifacts codes for a building based on institutional logics associated with their specific mix of clients. ‘Modern architects’ fought over what logic and artifact could should guide ‘modern architecture’”. In other words, modern architecture is a rebellious art form that strives to depict a new vision that is personal to the architect or the people of the buildings community. Modern architecture is about incorporating new ideas with mixtures of

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