Modular arithmetic

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  • The Importance Of Managing Time

    Coming into college is very stressful for all incoming Freshman. We all worry about what we are going to wear, who we are going to hang-out with, or how we are going to make it through a long four years. With all of this going through their minds, it is hard to keep organized when all we want to do after classes is sleep and eat. One of the most beneficial topics, in my opinion, in USC class is the ability to manage time. Managing time seems to be a very easy idea, however, it seems to be much harder when physically faced with different choices to plan out ones day. Throughout, my entire life, I have been through numerous activities and sessions that provide information on how to attack life and the best strategies to ease our way through school and they were successful. However, as a new chapter in my life has begun within a whole new realm, I was in need of guidance to point me in the right direction. As something I have always struggled with, the importance of time management has always been pushed to the backburner in my lists of priorities. This seems to go hand-in-hand with my tendency to procrastinate on assignments. Therefore, one of the best pieces of advice that I received in USC class was to keep an agenda. In high school, I never had to spend hours of my time studying for test or quizzes. College, on the other hand, has revealed itself to be much more challenging as the test incorporate much more information. Therefore, the use of an agenda has been a…

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  • Pper Division

    One important aspect of mathematics is interpreting the meaning of the numbers in the different operations. Van De Walle, Karp, Bay- Williams, (2013) emphasize the importance of developing meaning, interpretations, and relations to the four operations to help students integrate mathematical skills into the real world. For division, teachers should help students identify and use different meanings of remainders to help the learners understand and apply different rules. As students become…

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  • Blood Glucose Level Chart

    What is the necessity of blood glucose level chart? Description: Blood glucose level chart is of greater important especially to those patients who are diabetic in nature. The chart should be prepared in a proper manner so that you can get the highest benefits. Do you wish to make effective diabetes management? Well, in this case you just need to follow a proper blood glucose level chart. This chart cannot be prepared by self-efforts rather you have to take the help of any expert doctor who is…

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  • The Importance Of Embracing The Complexity Of Language

    1st Chapter Number: 7 Chapter Title: Embracing the Complexity of Language: Bringing All Forms of Knowledge into the Language Arts through Latino Children’s Literature I. Summary This chapter covers different approaches to help incorporate multicultural children’s literature into the classroom which could encourage bilingual learners in a language arts setting. This chapter discussed sociocultural perspectives on literacy that helps connect literacy instruction to something more…

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  • Brainology By Carol S. Dweck And The Student Fear Factor

    I never thought that I would be sitting on top of a washing machine waiting for my clothes to dry while at the same time, writing a shitty first draft essay. It’s amazing where education can take you. In my first semester of composition, I read “Brainology” by Carol S. Dweck and “The Student Fear Factor” by Rebecca Cox. In Brainology, Dweck explains that there are two different mindsets: a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. A growth mindset is when a person has a mindset that intelligence can…

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  • The Importance Of Pedagovation In Education

    Background This research focuses on the pedagogy of teaching Mathematics and learners’ motivation, and how different pedagogies of teaching can affect motivation and the attitude of learners towards mathematics. As a mathematician, it is very important for me that my learners understand Mathematics and its relevance to daily life. Schleicher (2013:1) defines the importance of mathematics: “Good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health”. Learners often…

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  • Babylonian Number System Essay

    these people allow us to understand their number systems and their understanding and use of simple arithmetic concepts. Introduction Egyptians and Babylonians are groups of people who both developed mathematical concepts on their own societies. We can learn much from their ways of thinking by the evidence that was left from them. Egyptians are famous for their hieroglyphics which…

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  • Kitchen Design: The Evolution Of The Kitchen Island Ideas

    turn out to be slightly trickier than you would like to think. But our ideas and inspirations about modern kitchens, shared regularly through the magazine section, would greatly help you to tactfully organise this space. Evolution of the kitchen designs The kitchen design that you get to see nowadays were nonexistent even in the early part of last century. The birth of modern architecture and technological advancements greatly influenced the kitchen designs, so much so that large and often smoke…

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  • My Grandpa Narrative

    Not many people can say that they’re adopted; but a small percentage is, and I’m lucky enough to be one of them. My mom and dad had split before I was born, leaving my mom to run to my divorced grandpa for help when she was expecting me. He took care of us, but despite these things, my mom never compared to the parent that my grandpa was for me. She struggled with drugs and alcohol, often taking her anger out on me physically when no one was around. After drifting in and out of my life for those…

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  • What Is The Evolution Of Zero Essay

    Abstract— This article will briefly discuss the evolution of zero throughout history starting from ancient Mesopotamian mathematics to modern day mathematics. Understanding the concept of zero and learning to work with it is the basis of our world today. If zero did not exist then we would not have calculus, financial accounting, and the ability to make simple arithmetic calculations. The idea of zero has crossed the imagination of great minds across the globe. Zero functions as a placeholder…

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