Compare And Contrast Regionalism And International Architecture

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Dina abdulmalek
Compare and Contrast Critical Regionalism vs. International Style

For international style, the prime architectural symbol is no longer the dense brick, but the open box. For regionalism, the styling tied to geographical and cultural context. Critical regionalism and international style have many differences in their beginning, their pioneers, their philosophy, and the architecture how was influenced by
International style is architectural style buildings dominating the twenties and thirties of the twentieth century, which was characterized as being free of regional characteristics, and emphasizes the functional, and rejects all the elements of decoration and usually horizontal pattern confirms aspects of its
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It also calls for the creation of overlapping areas and connecting outer space inside, in addition to the asymmetry. Buildings are free of regional characteristics, and emphasizes the functional, and rejects all the elements of decoration and usually horizontal pattern confirms the aspects of their buildings. Associated with modern architecture form of redundancy both at the level of the building through excessive repetition of processors, elements, abstract shapes, or at the level of all, or the so-called global manner based on cloning and replication mirroring, and in terms of levels it’s not associated with repetition justify or interpret the meanings. According to Frampton: regional critic must rely global quality of modern architecture critic at the same time to give private answers for each context, taking into account the terrain, climate, light, shape tectonic rather than spectacular or scenography and perception tactile rather than visual. Regionalism refuses to give up local characteristics, and criticizes modern architecture inhuman. Regionalism want to build an environment in which the engineer focuses on the project site. Against the tendency to world civilization and focus on natural ventilation, light, soil and climate, which are the foundations that support the project. Give the appearance of secondary importance, …show more content…
Another example on international style is Walter Gropius Bauhaus School; Bauhaus emphasis on basic geometric shapes Model (circle and square and triangle) the use of lines and stay away from the central position in the image. As it can be seen relatively wide gap in the Bauhaus designs. For regionalism, Frampton sees in the Church of Utzon Bagsvaerd (1973-76), near Copenhagen, self-conscious synthesis between the world of global culture and civilization. This is what emerges from rationality, standard, neutral and cheap cost, in part, prior manufacturing (prefabricated concrete) outer shell (global civilization) compared to specially designed, non-economic, and biological, reinforced concrete at home, manipulation of the Holy Light of the place. In the case of Alto, discussed the municipal building (Säynätsalo Town Hall) (1952), which he says is the resistance to the dominance of global technology, as well as see the touch and the quality of construction materials and a sense of friction brick and wood

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