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  • An Analysis Of Marina The Unsung Hero Of Uncle Vanya '

    Marina, the Unsung Hero of “Uncle Vanya” “People might not remember us, just so long as God does.” (Chekhov 90) Secondary characters in literature are all too often ignored, and “Uncle Vanya” is no exception. However, in this play, secondary characters, most notably Marina, help provide balance to the antics of the Serebryakov family. She is a constant and is someone they can rely on. Through working for the family for years, the rest of the cast has learned to depend on her. Furthermore, the family can depend on Marina as a voice of reason with her religion and the voicing of her impartial opinions. Marina can be viewed as a mother to the whole family because of her hard-working and reasonable ways. While Marina is not a principal character…

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  • The Themes Of Dramaturgy In Uncle Vanya By Anton Chekhov

    selected work suggests the same and focuses on the cardinal experiences of provincial life. The structure of the play is typical of Chekhov’s dramaturgy. His characters often find themselves in situations that give the plot various sub plots. Especially in the play “Uncle Vanya” the use of internal monologues gives the dramaturgy a different stand altogether. With the help of this literary technique the characters give voice to their opinions and their take on the situations draws out the theme…

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  • Juvenile Justice System In Edward Humes's No Matter How Loud I Shout

    The theme of children playing a role in their success also goes along with the theme that education is the most important thing one can have. Despite having to go through the same system, some of the kids are able to transform their lives, or at least attempt to. Like previously said, Judge Dorn believes that the best thing to do for the kids is to get them off the streets and force them back into school. By being in school, they can learn that they are able to succeed (Humes, 61). A couple…

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  • Descriptive Essay: My Favorite Place On Earth

    years of longing to come back to NY, I was finally able to return. What put in me high spirits was not being held on a tight leash by my strict parents. I desired the taste of freedom. I wanted to be an independent woman. I needed to be able to make decisions at no one else 's liberty but my own. After meeting my uncle-by-marriage for the first time, I became anxious to leave his presence and walk the city streets of Manhattan on my own, but that wasn 't the case. He revealed to me…

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  • Personal Narrative: Dynamic Success

    Dynamic Success I am an amalgamation of my aunts an uncles and a product of there success. Success to me has been ever changing and slowly developing concept of what I think makes me happy, as a young child my ambitions were focused, riches would be my first class seat to happiness. But with multiple jobs, from making a reasonable living to part times with meager wages material was fleeting. I have a sizable measuring stick of experiences, that contributed to my current happiness. But my…

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  • Narrative Essay About Moving To Chicago

    When we live in Chicago it was my mom Blanca my dad Hector and my brother Aaron, me, and my dads older sister, Ana. She was married to my uncle Beto and had 4 kids, the oldest is Lisa, then its Liliana, Araceli and the youngest is Rigo. We would always celebrate everything together. Have cook out every other weekend. All of my cousins and I would go out and play. Then when we had to move from Chicago to Texas in 2009 it was just my family and I. It was hard for both my brother and I . New…

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  • Analysis Of The Fall Of A City By Susan Nowlan

    they encounter drastic changes in perspectives and achieves a further understanding of the world formulated from cathartic experiences. In the short story “The Fall of a City”, by Aidan Nowlan, Teddy the protagonist is a dynamic character who struggles through his transition to adulthood. Living with his uncle and aunt, Teddy builds an imaginary world named Upalia, to escape from reality and spends time in the attic fighting imaginary battles. The city portrays the self-esteem that he lacks in…

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  • Slavery In Mark Twain´s Huckleberry Finn

    Thesis: In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain uses Jim to explain that slavery was a wrong institution because whites treated blacks like they were a different species, which was wrong because blacks are humans too. TS1 Violence: In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, violence is seen as one of the most vulgar aspects of slavery because humans beat and other humans and deprive them of their basic amenities. TS2 Family Separation: Miss Watson shows how separation of families was another…

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  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Antithesis

    Uncle Tom’s Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe is a novel that was written as a call to action to its readers against slavery in the United States. Through many characters, mainly Tom, Stowe illustrates the heart-breaking realities of slavery to her readers. One instrumental way that Stowe did this was through the rhetorical device of antithesis. Two characters who embody Stowe’s use of antithesis are Tom Loker and Mr. Haley. Haley is described as a “short, thickset man” (3) and Loker as having a…

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  • An Analysis Of Uncle Tom's Cabin By Harriett Beecher Stowe

    Harriett Beecher Stowe wrote the story “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. This novel sold tons of copies. Stowe tells a story that allows the North to read it and have a feeling of what was happening in the South with all the slavery going on. Stowe found a powerful way to really express how she felt about slavery. The story opens up to two gentlemen, Mr. Shelby and Mr. Harry talking about a business trade. Mr. Shelby lives on a farm in Kentucky and is a slave owner, he is facing financial problems right now…

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