Essay on Marina, The Unsung Hero Of Uncle Vanya

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Marina, the Unsung Hero of “Uncle Vanya”
“People might not remember us, just so long as God does.” (Chekhov 90) Secondary characters in literature are all too often ignored, and “Uncle Vanya” is no exception. However, in this play, secondary characters, most notably Marina, help provide balance to the antics of the Serebryakov family. She is a constant and is someone they can rely on. Through working for the family for years, the rest of the cast has learned to depend on her. Furthermore, the family can depend on Marina as a voice of reason with her religion and the voicing of her impartial opinions. Marina can be viewed as a mother to the whole family because of her hard-working and reasonable ways. While Marina is not a principal character in “Uncle Vanya”, she is incredibly important as she creates a sense of stability to the Serebryakovs.
Hard work and reliability are difficult to come across, but create a sense of stability for those around. Marina has been working for the Serebryakov family on the estate for many years, “You were with us… eleven years gone by. Even more, maybe.” (89) Time for Marina, working like a horse, has gone by without notice as she gets no relief from the constant work she faces. With her hard work for others, she has had to give up the simple pleasures of life, “I haven’t had a good, plain soup in forever, like a sinner.” (135) She toils all day and all night, “No one cleared the tea things from the table. How could I be in bed?” (105) Even…

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