Descriptive Essay: My Favorite Place On Earth

Lucy Aldagamseh
ENC1101 M/W 1:30
Descriptive essay

Lucy Aldagamseh
ENC1101 M/W 1:30
Descriptive essay

It was about two years ago when I got to visit my favorite place on earth, or at least I

thought it was. Around the house, it 's either as silent as mice or the halls are spread

with laughter. It was around nightfall, when I heard loud talking on the phone. I trotted

down a flight of seventeen steps and accompanied my younger sister, who was also

curious, towards the high-sounding voices in the living room. My mother was on the

telephone with her sister; whom she has not seen in almost thirteen years. This is because As I entered

the room, she motioned me over to her and told me that I was invited to stay with her

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was a scent of cold and nature. I grasped bags and my carry on and proceeded to find

my way around to exit LaGuardia Airport.

With conviction, after years of longing to come back to NY, I was finally able to return.

What put in me high spirits was not being held on a tight leash by my strict parents.

I desired the taste of freedom. I wanted to be an independent woman. I needed to be

able to make decisions at no one else 's liberty but my own.

After meeting my uncle-by-marriage for the first time, I became anxious to leave his

presence and walk the city streets of Manhattan on my own, but that wasn 't the case.

He revealed to me that he was more strict than my father was, as he showed me around

his tiny one bedroom apartment. He had also shown me where I would be sleeping---

the couch. This almost miny-like apartment didn 't have any color plastered on the

walls, in fact the only thing on the walls was an aged, creme colored map of Manhattan

My newborn niece, Dania, was the only genuine happiness I encountered from living a

month with this family. I had never been an aunt before and I just couldn 't resist
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I just wanted to grow in a place that I 've always loved. I

wanted to further my experience without restrictions. Soon enough, I was fed up. I

began to refer to him as only my "uncle-by-marriage" and always stressed that we

weren 't blood related. I communicated to my mother that I wanted a flight back home a

couple days early. As I spoke to my mother about how poorly I was being treated, I could

hear the anguish in her voice as opposed to normally being the sweet sound of

birds. She made it happen.

As I arrive at my house for the first time in nearly a month, I feel so much ease walking

in through the freshly repainted red door. I notice the first room was recently vaccumed

and thoroughly cleaned. I could smell the cleanliness of Pine-sol. I was home, I was free

for the first time in a long time. I rushed to find my mom and siblings and embraced

them with all my might. My head fell on my mother 's shoulder as she embraced me. I felt a

few drops of tears spill onto my moistureless face, the taste of the salt sparked on my

lips and I never thought that I could feel so much comfort in seeing my mother cry for

me. I was never going back there,

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