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  • The Name Of The Rose And Pynchon's The Crying

    the universe, a new philosophical and artistic expression moved in to fill the void of the Modernist Movement. The Postmodern Movement was born out of a lack of faith in society and the established way of life as a whole, and embraced the philosophy of meaninglessness and a rejection of the transcendental meta-narrative. This move has been fully expressed in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose and Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 in which both demonstrate a plethora of postmodern characteristics such as strategic use of allusion and irony, and clever employment of intertextuality; per contra, these similar attributes are structurally the same but…

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  • Analysis Of Constructivism And Filippo Marinetti's Futurism

    Constructivism, written by Russian artist and designer, Aleksei Gan, and The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism 1909 written by Italian poet, Filippo Marinetti, both have written an extensive manifesto of their movements. Aleksei Gan believed that since most people are joined through labor, technologies’ of individual branches of production would form a united social technology, accurately and concretely. Constructivism took artists and architects, and turned them into Constructors. This caused…

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  • Individualization Of Climate Change

    The world is in denial, climate change is happening, and the earth is dying because people are killing it. A clear example of this denial is seen in the decline of news coverage regarding environmental change, “in 2007, the three major U.S. networks—CBS, NBC, and ABC ran 147 stories on climate change; in 2011 the networks ran just fourteen stories on the subject” (Klein, 34). People do not want to hear about climate change and decreasing natural resources. Continued denial will be the downfall…

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  • 6 O Model For Organic Food Market

    ORGANIC FOOD MARKET Introduction Organic food market is an outcome of organic farming which uses organic fertilizer, and avoids pesticides and chemicals. The recent researches demonstrate that organic farming is an important vehicle to maintain environmental balance. Due to the fact that consumer concerns on health and environmental issues related to food, organic farming has drawn great attention in Europe, including EU members as well as non-EU members during the last couple decades. The…

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  • King Humbert Murder Case

    In Milan, August 29, 1900, just one month after the assassination of King Humbert, the trial of Bresci opened. “An immense crowd of people gathered about the court from early morning, seeking admission. The hearing began at nine o’clock.” One would assume that a great amount of citizen’s support would be in attendance for such a significant and reasonable trial to observe. “While the indictment, which was very long, was being read, Bresci was apparently unmoved and scanned the faces of the…

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  • Organic Food Business Plan Essay

    Madeline Michener, Morgan Stelmaszynski, Joanna Poston, Joe Brahler Team 6 Business Plan: Organic Food and Farming Poland has a population of over 38 million people. With a large percentage of Poland’s population being 30 and younger, the workforce is continuing to grow. The location in the middle of Europe with Germany, the Ukraine, and Czech Republic as neighbors has them in a prime location for trading opportunities. The growth of the economy boomed after the accession into the European…

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  • Massimo Vignelli: New York Subway Diagram

    on how readability is key for a successful design. But before I expand on how Massimo Vignelli executed the redesign of the New York subway map, let us talk about his background as a graphic designer. In an interview with Roger Remington for “eye,” Massimo Vignelli mentioned that he worked as an architectural draftsman which made him want to study architecture, having that background, massimo’s understanding of architectural grids becomes an essential when he started studying graphic design with…

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  • The Bachelor Reality TV Program Analysis

    personalities that will cause drama to attract more viewers as Mike Fliess (franchise creator/executive producer of The Bachelor) revealed in an ABC ’20/20’ Special ‘Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind The Rose.” “We need our fair share of villains every season. And now we’re very careful in our casting… to develop characters that the audience is going to root for and root against.” (Inside the Bachelor: Stories Behind the Rose., 2010). Umberto Eco in his essay, ‘Travels in Hyperreality,”…

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  • Analysis Of Casablanca

    In the essay Casablanca:cult movies and intertextual collage, from the collection of essays titled Travels of Hyper Reality,Umberto Eco has taken the case of the 1940’s popular American movie Casablanca,directed by Michael Curtis to explain how and why it gained the status of a ‘cult’ movie.He has given a number of reasons in the essay as to why people liked it so much.Eco begins by making it clear that the movie according to him is not a very artistic movie and that despite that the movie has…

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  • Elimination Of Semiotics In 'The Theatre Of The Oppressed'

    Voyager Golden Records and the Pioneer plaques). According to Charles William Morris, the icon “has the properties of its denotata" and “is similar to its object” (qtd. in Eco 192). Does this similarity give a true presentation of its denotation? Are the photos of human quotidian life on the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes enough to imagine a real woman in a supermarket and ordinary people eating? Iconicity is the matter of degree and has a strong correlational convention: it is a…

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