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  • Language Used In Sports

    The entertainment of sport in almost all variations has changed drastically over the years. The changes can be noticed in many different aspects such as: presentation, money, audience etc. With these alterations the language has inevitably transitioned as well. A lot of the language used in sport derives from the context of commentary, magazines and even news headlines. Through studying the language techniques prevalent in contexts within these categories, contrasts can be distinguished between the two forms of cricket, the Australian Big Bash League and International Test Cricket. Commentary is the most obvious form context to analyse as it is so unique to sporting events. Literary techniques constantly vary and the language is in no way consistent in every aspect. This is because the language is implemented through conversation as the commentators exchange thoughts and provide the audience with a greater understanding of the proceedings. History of a specific player or team is often also implemented; this supplies the audience with a sense of expectation into how the subject might perform. Jargon is a language technique often used throughout most sports commentary. By using unique terms and phrases each sport is provided with a sense of exclusiveness. Cricket is no exception; with specific terms blatantly manifested throughout the language in the two forms of the game. Terminology such as: Yorker, duck, dot ball and leg spin, are examples of terms that specifically apply…

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  • Steroids Be Banned Essay

    In 1991, steroids were banned from Major League Baseball and in 2003 testing of the Major League Baseball players began. I think steroids should be let back into Major League Baseball because steroids can help with some medical injuries such as strained muscles or even broken bones, steroids would also give the sport more of an edge like Major League Baseball fans are looking for and because it is also wrong for people to think steroids are a bad thing when they have not experienced it.…

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  • Baseball Vs High School Baseball Essay

    Each team will receive one flag to throw on the field to challenge a play if the manager of the team thinks the call was wrong. If the call is over turned the team challenging will the flag back. This is a process used to get every call right. This is not used in any High School games. The only way a call can be over turned in High School is if every umpire on the field meets and they all agree the call was wrong. It is very frustrating for me if a call is wrong, but I know that is part of the…

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  • Sports Psychology Career Paper

    With being a physical therapist they will need to pursue higher education and become Board-certified. A post-graduate professional degree is the standard, with the three-year pursuit and completion of the Doctor of Physical Therapy being the desired diploma. Next we have sports psychologist. Often, future sports psychologists enroll in a clinical or counseling doctoral program, and then take additional classes in kinesiology, physiology, sports medicine, business, and marketing. A bachelor’s…

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  • Compare And Contrast Softball And Volleyball

    My two objects that I am comparing and contrasting are the sports softball and volleyball. The sports are very different and in some ways very similar. The sports are more different than similar. The most important difference is the ball itself. Softballs have stitches and it is the color yellow. A volleyball has indents and is white. The game volleyball has a net. Softball doesn’t have a net. Volleyball has six players on the court. Softball has nine players out on the field. Softball is…

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  • Personal Narrative-Defining Moment

    I ran to shortstop. “You’re pitcher now! Get your helmet!” yelled Dad from the dugout. The umpire put the ball in the pitcher machine ”Strike” yelled the umpire. The ball blasted to third base, but the player advanced to second base. We got three people out so I was up to bat again. “Remember just have fun!” Dad shouted. The umpire put the ball in the pitcher machine Crack! ”Foul ball!” The umpire declared. Darn, too far to the left!” I thought. Crack! “GO TWO GO TWO!” Dad yelled again. …

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  • The Cause Of Injuries In Baseball

    slightly off the bag when they have the ball to allow the base to protect them from a potential take out slide from the runner. "If, in the judgment of the umpire, a base runner willfully and deliberately interferes with a batted ball or a fielder in the act of fielding a batted ball with the obvious intent to break up a double play, the ball is dead. The umpire shall call the runner out for interference and also call out the batter-runner because of the action of his teammate. In no event may…

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  • Process Essay: The Sport Of Softball

    softball is made easier for females. Before I began to play softball, I too speculated that softball was one of the most basic sports there was. Speaking from experience, softball is quite challenging and tiresome. There are at most ten players playing in the field on every team. Being a softball player requires a lot of proficiency, competitiveness, and alertness. “Hitting a fast pitch requires you to be fast, so anything that makes you slow is bad” (Arzola 54). Considering this, one must be…

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  • Badminton Case Study

    An official's decision shall be final on all points of fact for which that official is responsible except that if, in the opinion of the umpire, it is beyond reasonable doubt that a line judge has clearly made a wrong call, the umpire shall overrule the decision of the line judge. viii. It shall be the responsibility of each player/team to be in position on court at the scheduled time. ix. Should a player demonstrate misconduct on the court, the referee or appointed official reserves the power…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Baseball Diamond

    The game begins, first pitch “strike one” yells the umpire. The crowed starts cheering and my energy level starts to rise higher, I can feel the energy start to take over my legs. The crowd keeps cheering, I jump out of my seat and run over to the dugout to speak the coach. Coach “number 8 is the girl that hits deep to right field but, swings at high pitches”. The coach sends the signal to the pitcher “Strike two” yells the umpire. By this time the aroma of popcorn, nachos, hot dogs and peanuts…

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