The Odyssey Comparison Essay

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For centuries we humans have been telling and retelling stories so the generation to come would be aware and entertained by them. However, the majority of stories isn’t always told the same way. For instance, famous Greek myths and gods such as Thor have been retold in different ways. Now other than Thor, the poem “The Odyssey” by Homer has been retold in numerous of ways, too. For instance, the writers of O Brother, Where Art Thou, adapted the poem “The Odyssey.” Although the movie doesn’t exactly tell the poem of “The Odyssey” in the most accurate way, both the poem and the movie share a number of similarities. So throughout the movie people will notice similarities between the characters, plots, and themes, assuming they have read “The …show more content…
The scenario can be seen used in the movie at the scene when Ulysses and his men find themselves near a lake, or stream where they meet three beautiful women with enchanting voices. Like the Odyssey these women or “singing sirens” lured them for the worse, for instance, Pete was turned in for a reward, as for Odysseus’s men were being lured to death. This plot is likely used as another obstacle or adventure of Ulysses. Another plot that’s similar is the idea that the main character is assumed dead. In the Odyssey everyone assumed Odysseus was dead because it took him a while to return home. Again, like Odysseus, Ulysses was assumed dead too. However, unlike Odysseus, the writers used it against the main character or Ulysses. They made his wife purposely say he was dead because he was away serving time in jail, and didn’t like their children and others to know.
In conclusion, the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou is a modern narrative of the book, “The Odyssey.” We can see both share similar characters, themes, and plots as compare the following. Although “The Odyssey” isn’t told exactly the same way, we can still see and understand the poem, but in a different perspective because of how the writer of the movie adapted the Odyssey into

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