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  • Narrative: Average Or Below Average

    Sharndip Singh Essay 1 (Narrative) Average or Below Average? First Grade After taking a decent amount of my pictures of me on the first day of school, my mom finally decided to start walking me to Jefferson Elementary. Jefferson had this really tall principle and this Asian teacher that never got along with me. I got in trouble for all kinds of things, from lying to the teacher about why I didn’t do my homework to coloring the carpet with crayons during story time. All in all, I loved pigging out at lunch time and going on the monkey bars during recess which I remember falling from and spraining my wrist one time. Six Grade When I first set foot on Leroy F. Greene, which was known in the area as a “ghetto”…

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  • Heavenly Chocolate Marketing Report

    There was not one number of pages viewed by customers that were significantly higher than the rest. The most frequently visited amount of pages on the website was 4 and the least frequently visited amount of pages being 43. The range between the greatest amount of pages viewed and the least amount of pages viewed is not a very big difference. The most frequently occurring amount of pages viewed was between 5 and 7, both having 56 customers view those number of pages. The least amount of pages…

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  • Analysis Of Response Rates In Five Different Mailing Zones

    rates. This small look at campaign rates is just a quick interpretation of basic statistics. Measures of Central Tendency There are three forms of central tendency’s which are used to describe the center set of the data. These forms are the mean, median and mode. The mean is also known as the average and is found by “summing the observations and…

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  • Token Economy Case Study

    the closet. The one area where there could be a treatment integrity issue was in the dishes in the dishwasher; however Nic eats in the same place at every meal and it is apparent if he has dishes in his room; therefore the integrity issue would be with his reporting more than was actually done. With respect to implementation protocol the parents were provide a cue card with steps involved in administering the token system and asked to rate their compliance with each individual step…

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  • Regression Analysis Of Organizational Citizenship Behavior

    (indicated by js), r and r squared results are .215 and .046 respectively. The Adjusted r squared was .039. There was significance as determined by a score of .012. Frequent Supervisor Feedback seems to support Job Satisfaction by nearly 5%, with significance. A look at Organizational Citizenship Behavior (indicated by ocb) data shows r at .196 and r squared at .038. The Adjusted r square is .031. Significance is .023. Frequent Supervisor Feedback seems to support Organizational Citizenship…

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  • Sttomatal Density Between Young And Old Leaves

    The average stomatal density of young leaf was 146.43 6.09 (stoma/mm2) and the standard deviation was 19.25. The average value for the old leaf was 115.31 6.81 (stoma/mm2) and the standard deviation was 21.54. Using average values of both leave, the bar chart with error bars was created as a graphical illustration. After, at the alpha level of 0.05 (5%) t-test was performed and a value of 0.003 was obtained for the t-test. Discussion: The average values for both old and young leave were…

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  • TOPSIS Model

    Simultaneous Optimization of Arithmetic Average Roughness (Ra), Geometric Average Roughness (Rq) and Ten Point Height Average Roughness (Rz) Using TOPSIS The present work is to explore the effect of EDM process parameters on the surface roughness characteristics Ra, Rq and Rz. For the experimentation, twenty seven alternatives of EDM process parameters, Pulse on time (TON), Pulse off time (TOFF), Wire Tension (WT) and Wire Feed (WF) were considered as per the Taguchi’s standard L27 Orthogonal…

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  • Student Self Assessment Strategies

    In period one, which used self-assessment strategies, the class average percentage of growth was 88% with the general education population averaging 87% and the special education population averaging 91%. In period two, whom also used self-assessment strategies, the class average percentage of growth was 83%, with the general education population averaging 83% and the special education population averaging 87%. Period four and six students did not use any self- assessment strategies. The…

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  • The Importance Of Behavior Management In Schools

    student-respected style in instructional and classroom management. The authors of this research study, visited the participating schools in Seoul, Korea and displayed the questionnaires and consent forms. Since the authors did not have much luck in the United States, they posted the questionnaires online and finally got 251 teachers in one county’s school district to participate. Once the authors had teachers from the United States and Korea to participate, it was time for them to get the…

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  • The Importance Of Teacher Observation In The Special Education Homeroom

    Olivia 61% (11 out of 16 sessions); Octavian 56% (nine out of 16 sessions); Kenny 57% (four out of seven sessions). The average number of recruiting responses also increase between baseline observations and combined generalization and maintenance phase: Latasha 0.3 and 2.1; Olivia 0.0 and 2.1; Octavian 0.2 and 1.6; Kenny 0.8 and 2.0. Teacher praise was another target behavior being observed. During baseline, teacher praise was recorded as zero for both recruited and non-recruited praise for…

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