Heavenly Chocolate Marketing Report

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Introduction: I have recorded data from a survey I have conducted in order to create strategies to increase internet sales. I have analyzed data from a sample size of 500 customer 's transactions and website activity was recorded from the previous month. The data included the day of the week the customer visited the website, the payment type, the amount of time spent on the website, the total number of pages viewed, the number of items purchased as well as the amount spent. With this data I have also recorded the use of discounts, and some information about what type of buyers are attracted to this website such as the region of the customer, their household income and if they are a registered customer.

Background: Heavenly Chocolate manufactures and sells quality chocolate products from its plant and retail stores in Saratoga Springs, New York. The company first launched its website two years ago, and sales have exceeded the company’s expectations. Online
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There was not one number of pages viewed by customers that were significantly higher than the rest. The most frequently visited amount of pages on the website was 4 and the least frequently visited amount of pages being 43. The range between the greatest amount of pages viewed and the least amount of pages viewed is not a very big difference. The most frequently occurring amount of pages viewed was between 5 and 7, both having 56 customers view those number of pages. The least amount of pages viewed by a customer was 1 page and the greatest amount was 10 pages. Other online shopping websites had an average of 3 pages viewed, while our average number of pages viewed was 5. Figure 2 depicts the frequency of how many customers viewed a certain amount of pages on the Heavenly Chocolate website. This data is significant for the reason that we can assume that more pages viewed on our website mean that our website attracts the

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