Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation

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  • Case Study: Xeroderma Pigmentosum

    on the right track while still missing important details. For example, it is now known that this disease is not a low malignancy disorder. Children affected with XP have 2000 times increase in the chance of malignancy when compared to the general public. Coleman and Withers did realize XP was genetic, but had not concluded at that time that it was due to an autosomal recessive mechanism. The autosomal recessive nature of the disease was later discovered in 19XX by XXXX, when they realized the disease was found in greater proportions among families who inbred. In 1926, first name Per and what book or paper went on to further breakdown the understanding of the disease. He asserted that XP was due to “extreme sensitization of the skin to ultraviolet light rays of the sun.” He also points out that the rays of the sun are undoubtedly attributed unfavorably to the course of the disease. However in 1926, they still had no concrete answer to the pathogenesis of the disease. At this time, everyone had concluded that sunlight played a key role, but recognizing that these children had a defect in DNA repair was still forty years away. Abnormalities in DNA repair were not brought to light until 1968 in a paper published by first name Cleaver. Since that time a great deal of discoveries have been made about the defects and presentations of patients with XP. In a study conducted by Bradford et al., which followed X patients with XP for X years, he concluded that there were two different…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Window Tinting

    legally tinted is the rear, IF you have both side mirrors (State of Michigan). Just like everything else there is an exception to the "legal" part, and it is all due to danger for officers. Although the law is no fun, there is a way around it. You can get a prescription if you use the right words and legally obtain tint ( State of Michigan). This is great and all for people who get the prescription, but you have a larger chance of being pulled over for not even doing anything reckless. To…

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  • Summary On Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles With Defects

    optoelectronics, sensors, transducers and bio-medical sciences [2]. the control over ZnO’s rich defect chemistry which is important in controlling properties is the reason for having its vast range of applications. ZnO usage in low pressure methanol synthesis as a component of composite catalysts as it prolongs the catalyst life [3]. ZnO after reduction leads to the formation of oxygen vacancies this in turn helps the catalytic activity by acting as an active site for CO adsorption at the start…

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  • Light Synthesis Principles

    Light synthesis principles The basic idea of light waveform synthesis can be described as follows: First, the spectrum of a light waveform is decomposed into its constituent spectral components by a disperser, then, adequate modulators acting on each of this spectral components individually modifies the relative phase (or delay), the amplitude and polarization of these components before they are coherently superimposed again by a combiner to create a desired tailored waveform (Figure 2a)41.…

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  • Sunscreen Persuasive Essay

    The sun, a star that is the center of the Solar System. This star gives necessities we, the humans living on Earth need such as natural sunlight. Although natural sunlight benefits humans by giving them Vitamin D, this sunlight can also harm humans(1). Natural sunlight contains UV (ultraviolet) rays, an electromagnetic radiation invisible to the human eye. The UV rays that reaches the Earth’s surface consists of UVB rays and UVA rays. The UVA rays can penetrate the deeper layers of a human’s…

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  • Sun Exposure Policy Essay

    The policy’s focus is on prevention by limiting sun exposure in order to limit ultraviolet (UV) radiation and rates of skin cancer (Rhainds and Rosen, 2006). This includes reducing exposure by educating people to understand more about the harmful effects of UV radiation. With policy that focuses on prevention instead of acute care, there will be less cases. Education starts young because long term exposure is harmful and children need to get in the habit for early prevention practices (Rhainds…

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  • What Is The Difference Between Human Diversity And Diversity

    Article 2 Keyword- Diversity- citation 1. Summary- This article provided information about how dated our medical text books are about the topic of human variation/ diversity. Many medical textbooks still only go by the term “race” as the only human variation there is like for example Caucasians, or African Americans, rather than ancestry. The article also addressed how medical students would benefit from learning about human variation, because it can help them with medical diagnoses. Another…

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  • The Biological Effects Of Chlorofluorocarbons (Cfcs)

    Recently, the release of chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, has caused an increase in the depletion of the ozone which in turn causes an excessive amount of ultraviolet, or UV, radiation to reach the earth. According to “Health and Environmental,” “A 10% reduction in ozone could lead to as much as a 15-20% increase in UV exposure depending on the biological process being considered.” This creates a lot of problems because an increase in UV radiation creates biological effects, or health effects, in a…

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  • Benefits Of Healthy Eating Precises

    Whether it's springtime, summer, or all year long. When the beaches beckon, you want to be in your best shape fit for your swimsuit. If you're worried about the bulge in the stomach and wanted to get rid of it, or just want to do a little toning up, let these tips be your guide. Following a healthy Eating regimen 1. Don't eat anything for a few hours before you sleep. Your body’s metabolic system slows down when you sleep, which will keep your body from processing the foods in your stomach…

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  • Skin Color Evolution

    100 thousand years ago that was certainly not the case.[Bryce] The evolution of skin color over the past 100 thousand years is due to the combination of three factors: skin exposure, ultraviolet rays, and Vitamin D. [Jablonski and Chaplin] These factors attribute to the wide spectrum of skin colors seen across the globe and explains why in Senegal, Africa there are some of the darkest skin pigments, but just 2700 miles north in Ireland, the palest skin pigments can be observed. While many of the…

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