Anatomical terms of motion

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  • Splint Wearing Reflection Paper

    leisure setting for 3 hours. I was only able to sleep in it for two hours. Saturday morning I wore the splint for three and a half hours deer hunting. I must say that the splint was comfortable, but it hindered me in all occupations. In the setting of driving and community mobility I got into my truck and cranked it and I thought this isn’t bad at all. I stopped at a store to get a drink and when I reached to turn the ignition off, I realized that I was limited in range of motion especially in radial deviation and wrist extension. Upon entering the store and getting my drink I realized all my money was in my right front pocket. The splint doesn’t go into my pocket and I could not reach into my pocket with my left hand. Needless to say I had to remove the splint to retrieve the money from my pocket. The man at the counter was looking at me with a smirk but never offered his assistance. After entering my house, I proceeded to put all my things down to change clothes and again I was faced with limited range of motion. I needed full wrist extension and flexion, radial and ulnar deviation in order to remove my clothes. I put some clothes in the washer and dryer that did not present a challenge. When I was folding and hanging my clothes from the dryer I ran into some on the same limitations as…

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  • Subtalar Joint Position

    I would be afraid that then, after doing so repeatedly, I would change the persons natural movement patterns and cause them to ONLY be able to reach certain ranges of motion in that poor positioning, and then the patient would adopt that poor alignment and use it consistently, wrongly thinking their injury is healed and corrected, then causing other injuries/ issues in the future. Essentially, if you deviate one point from normal, that will travel up and through the entire bodies kinetic chain…

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  • The Idea Of Beauty In Michelangelo's Sculptures

    and through the years. During the fifteen hundreds the term “beauty” was seen as simplicity in the classical sense. Similar to Plato’s sense of ideal beauty, which consists of symmetry and exactness, classical beauty appears simple. Michelangelo’s sculptures and his process of making them were influenced by Plato’s ideals. Michelangelo incorporated the use of symmetry and exactness throughout many of his sculptures to achieve objectivity. By choosing his subjects, learning the correct…

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  • Essay On Supraspinatus

    There are three phases of physical therapy to treat supraspinatus tendonitis: acute phase, recovery phase, and maintenance phase. The purposes of the acute phase are to relieve pain and inflammation, prevent the disuse and shrinking of muscles, reestablish nonpainful range of movement, and return the arthrokinematics of the shoulder complex. This includes a period of rest, so that symptoms do not worsen. The patient must strengthen his or her muscles so that there will not be long term…

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  • Puffins In Penguin Research Paper

    flier to see what puffins sacrificed in order to gain the ability of wing-propelled diving and flight. To compare an analysis is performed on wing strength, wing length, angle of motion in wings, overall density, and on total pressure they can withstand. What was found is that typically the puffin closely resembles the pelican of the penguin, yet has the skill to manipulate its characteristics to quickly adapt to the alternate conditions. A bird flying overhead is, in and of itself, a…

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  • Rectus Femoris

    The knee is a very crucial structure in the human body. It plays an extremely essential role in human movement. The weight that is put through the knee at one time can be over extravagant and the way it takes the weight and controls the body is truly unbelievable and fascinating. It carries the weight forwards and backwards while walking, and upward and downwards while jumping. The anatomical structure that stabilizes the knee can be divided into 4 areas. Anterior, Posterior, Lateral or…

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  • Analysis Of Dr. Ivan Joseph's Speech

    His speech reminds me of the saying, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, in other words, everything must be individualized to create self-confidence. It is clear that Dr. Ivan Joseph wants his audience to be the best person they can be, and to not let negative comments or failures hold you back in life. After a thorough analysis of Dr. Joseph’s speech, one can conclude that he uses a problem and solution structure throughout his speech. His organization is very obvious when he explains how…

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  • Structural Frame Of Organization

    A deep enough knowledge to be able to associate the impairments of the movement system to an underlying cause, like muscle weakness or limited range of joint motion. To be able to design a program to repair the impairments of movement dysfunction and any underlying causes as well (APTA, 2015). In addition to complying with these requirements, the person must also fall in one of the categories: Physical Therapist, Physical Life therapist, graduate student of PT. Most of the categories require the…

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  • ACL Injury In Soccer

    Soccer is one of the biggest team sports out there in the world with an estimated figure of about 265 million players in the world. Unfortunately, soccer-related knee injuries are very common and constitute a major problem not only in soccer but many other sports. The Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common knee structure that is injured during play and practice. An ACL injury can be characterized as a partial of a full tear of the ligament; surgical repair of the ACL is very…

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  • Boys Peeing Research Paper

    In youth, kids see the difference in sexes as little more than boys peeing while standing and girls sitting down. Somehow, despite their proximity to the bowl at that age, boys still get reprimanded by parents and others for their inaccuracies, too, but by and large, many (though certainly not all) view this as a male advantage due to the ease of use for male, anatomical plumbing. In September 2017, experts published a study suggesting that there is a psychological or educational advantage to…

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