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  • Good And Evil In Plato's Ancient Greek Philosophy

    Many things have changed since man was first made out of the dust of the earth, but the passage of time finds humanity today continuing to struggle with reality (and themselves) just as their predecessors did many years ago. Worldview (that is, one’s perception of reality) is critical to how an individual comes to terms with such things, as it both shapes and is shaped by the person who holds it. Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, is no exception, but is noteworthy as much of Western thought stems from the contemplations of his enigmatic mind. The worldview held by this philosopher is based upon a moral framework of absolutely defined good and evil, a separation between a true self called “soul” and the physical body (just as archetypes…

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  • Three Chinese Philosophies In Ancient Civilization

    There are three Chinese Philosophies in the ancient civilisation. Confucianism, Daoism, and legalism. I will tell you all about all three philosophies and how they work. The first one is Confucianism. It started in 551 to 479 B.C.E. The founder’s name was Confucius and he was born in Lu in eastern China. He deeply respected the Chinese traditions. Confucianism is the golden rule; respect others above you like father and son. Older sibling and younger sibling, friend and friend. It made the…

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  • Government Philosophies Of Ancient China Summary

    Incentive: Government Philosophies of Ancient China Throughout China’s expansive history, the nation has used a variety of foundations to justify their positions on political power. Though the claims change throughout the years, they tend to fall into one of two classifications: either the philosophy has a sacred, often religious basis, or it has a secular justification. Some methods of governance focus on severe punishments for breaking laws, and others expect a government to lead through…

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  • Sunshine Award

    I really enjoy writing about the philosophical thought that is at the root of this lifestyle we call minimalism. I especially like to write about the ideas of the ancient greek and roman thinkers like Epicurus, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius. At the same time, I 've been trying to cover a variety of topics over this first year-and-a-half of blogging, so I haven 't been writing about that particular subject lately. It 's also been a while since I 've read any philosophical works and I have…

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  • St. Augustine Research Paper

    Although St. Augustine was born about six hundred years before Plato and Aristotle, he nevertheless encountered the great thinkers through their works. Consequently, a plenitude of themes seen throughout the Ancient Greek philosophers’ books are scattered across saint’s letters and sermons. Because Augustine was a Catholic, however, there exist stark differences between the men’s ideas. Therefore, after naming and briefly describing several of St. Augustine’s writings, I argue that the Christian…

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  • Heraclitus The Skeptics

    Just by embracing one philosophical teaching it could change and better your life. In the second half of the book, Philosophy For Life And Other Dangerous Situations by Jules Evans, Heraclitus, the Skeptics, Diogenes, Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates are all discussed. Each one of them provides a different philosophical teaching. Heraclitus taught us about the cosmic perspective, the Skeptics taught us to have our own opinion, Diogenes taught us to live simply, Plato taught us justice, Aristotle…

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  • The Trial Of Socrates

    The ancient Polis of Athens was the fount head of philosophy and democratic ideals in the ancient world. Since it’s very beginning the Hellenistic world saw the development of a radical and unconventional art and way of thinking and appreciation of wisdom. This art of thinking and achieving wisdom is Philosophy. Philosophy comes from the Greek word of Philosophia which literally translates to the love of wisdom. In the ancient Hellenistic world especially in mainland Greece on the Attica…

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  • Greek Philosophies

    Have you ever thought about the history of psychology and how people first began to explain why we think and act the way we do? The Greeks first began deep thinking through reading and writing.The Philosophies that were created by theses Ancient Greeks began the discovery of how we interpret life. The Philosophers behind those ideas were very important to the history of Psychology because many of them helped influence some of the most famous Philosophers that we learn about today. How did The…

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  • Impact Of Ancient Greece On Society

    Ancient Greece and Rome has a major impact on how society goes about its everyday lives without realization. Ancient Greece has had a lot of impact on how people view the world. The most important impacts on our society today was the discoveries in philosophy. Socrates is a well known philosopher back in ancient Greece that believed that patient examination was a way to help others seek truth and self-knowledge. This was called the Socratic Method. His way of thinking influenced how we think…

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  • The Weaknesses Of The Catholic Church

    although the Church seemed almost as powerful as God Himself, it had its weaknesses. The Church could not explain how reality works through the Bible alone; it relied on Ancient Greek philosophy for those answers. The Church often used Aristotle, a famous Ancient Greek philosopher, as a source for answers about the world. In the movie The Name of the Rose, a monastery shows the weaknesses found in the Church’s reliance on Aristotle and how this seemingly unyielding power slowly crumbled.…

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