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  • Puffins In Penguin Research Paper

    ON PUFFINS AND THEIR OPTIMIZATION FOR DUAL LOCOMOTION BY B. SIDELL ABSTRACT -- Puffins, one of the few wing-propelled diving birds, are specialized into a specific niche. By balancing the optimization of their bodies for locomotion between the two media of air and sea water created a unique anatomy for a bird. The evolution of Auks, which includes the puffin, shows a mixture of characteristics similar to those of the ultimate diving bird, the penguin, and the large-winged flyers, such as the pelican. Wing-propelled diving has evolved numerous times in the history of birds, each time finding a unique benefit to their species. This paper analyzes how the puffins have adapted in comparison to a deep diver and a high flier to see what puffins sacrificed in order to gain the ability of wing-propelled diving and flight. To compare…

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  • Great Auk Research Paper

    Although there are many extinct animals, the Great Auk is an extraordinary animal. The Great Auk also had many variations in their egg’s, the streaks in their egg’s allowed the mating pair to recognize their egg at their breeding colony so they could determine the egg belonged to them. The Great Auk’s scientific name is also Pinguinus Impennis(“Great Auk”). The Great Auk’s habitat and geography. The Great Auk’s nesting colonies were settled upon rocky islands with sloping shorelines that…

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  • The Sixth Extinction: Book Review

    higher than it’s ever been, and it’s only increasing. Kolbert then focused specifically on Panamanian golden frogs. Not too long ago, these frogs were plentiful, but recently the numbers have decreased due to human’s introducing a native species to Panama: Chytrid fungus. As the book continues, Kolbert discusses the American Mastodon in the second chapter. The Mastodon is now extinct, but it should not have died out because of it’s body and teeth size. The only plausible way it could’ve gone…

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  • The Sixth Extinction Korbert Analysis

    we driving ourselves into a sixth extinction? According to Elizabeth Kolbert, writer of The Sixth Extinction, we as humans are so careless that we are literally driving ourselves into a nonexistence. The book starts off with stories of how different species has become extinct or are currently endangered. The book has a lot of facts and they all seem to support the theory that humans are making a mess of things. Due to over killing of animals, miss use of natural resources and lack of efficient…

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  • Analysis Of Merce Cunningham's Beach Birds

    technique of “choreography by chance” and distant ocean waves, Cunningham creates a simplistic piece that gives the audience a chance to give their own interpretation. As it is titled, the dance is solely based on existing beach birds living of the coast of Washington, where Cunningham lived his childhood. From a visual point of view, the audience could tell the distinct, color-block, black and white costumes covering all but the feet, neck and head. Consequently, Cunningham's love for birds…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Nasa's New Space Exploration

    in the cold. In the morning of the launch, the cold became too much for the O-rings leading them to become stiff and begin falling. There was many circumstances that lead up to the disaster of the Challenger, but one of the biggest ones was after liftoff. After about 70 seconds after the liftoff, the Challenger was at a speed of 9 miles when the shuttle was shredded apart by the modernized forces. This disaster lead to the deaths of seven astronauts. This horrendous calamity shaped future…

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  • The Sixth Extinction

    She vividly describes her journeys to observe various species, interviews with researchers, and uses other visuals to explain to the reader the meaning and impact of a sixth extinction in our modern day society. She also uses a wide range of species to convey this message, which I found to be one of the most unique parts of the book. For instance, she accurately depicts the extinction of Panamanian golden frogs, the American mastodon, the great auk, amniotes, etc. After this, however, she…

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  • Ice Caps Essay

    melting and changing terrain. Polar Bears use the ice for mostly fishing but they use ice tunnels to traverse the landscape easier. Many polar bears are dying due to the lack of ice “Polar bears are unlikely to survive as a species if there is an almost complete loss of summer sea-ice cover, which is projected to occur before the end of this century by some climate models” (Artic Climate Change). Not only are polar bears are affected by the melting ice many fish like cod and herring are…

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  • The Endangered Species Act

    like a domino effect and it effected many other species and it killed lots too. “It also infected humans and it caused the rat and feral dog population rose up and took the spot of the vulture. Because of that numerous transmissible diseases like rabies, anthrax and plague, resulting in health costs around 34 billion dollars”(Dasgupta, Mongabay). We need to protect these species. We need to protect the species all around the world. We lost some great and very interesting. Some of the species we…

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  • Personal Narrative: Daring To Step Out The Comfort Zone

    countless notes and information related to it generally and about the speaker specifically. In a like manner, events kept scheduled, and I attended almost every one of them. Not that I had to or need it for my credits, but to gain the benefits of it. I learned bunch of valuable lessons which undeniable that I would never learn any of them if I weren’t forced to, in the first place. One of many events was a piano concert for Taiwanese American pianist with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree. Dr.…

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