The Poseidon Adventure

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  • Emp Attack Movie Analysis

    The idea of an EMP attack or disaster is a strong concept for a film. Disaster films were once very popular, lost their appeal, but may be on the resurgence. The idea of an EMP attack is definitely relatable and relevant to today’s society. One can envision a movie that dramatizes the consequences and outcome of such an event. The outline has several strong elements that work. One is that the protagonist, Hayes, is an electrical engineer described as an alarmist. He fears this scenario and tries to warn the others. This works. One likes the idea of him being well prepared for such a disaster, such as his summer home etc. or a secret bunker. The idea of him being a widow that isn’t able to move on with life definitely can work, but there should be a love interest involved and at the end he learns to move on. The idea that Hayes has adult children in danger works well too, although his daughter is given several different backstories. Given that his father is sick, it might be best to give his daughter a different backstory vs. being diabetic or sick. Her backstory about just breaking up with a boyfriend might work if this is developed and maybe her ex-boyfriend teams up with them. The idea of Hayes’ son being in Homeland Security/military and being in conflict with his commander also has strong merit. This can create some good conflict. It’s questionable if they would order the killing of innocent civilians (has to be realistic). The concept of “Rebirth” and Salvation is…

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  • How Did Zeus Build The Greek God

    The Olympian Gods were a major part of the Greek peoples daily lives. The Greeks spent much of there time trying to please the gods so that they would give them wealth and prosperity, and tried not to anger them. Anger from these gods were recognized as natural occurrences such as lighting brought on by Zeus, or harsh waters brought on by Poseidon. They believed that positive natural occurrences were also brought on by these gods as they made them happy and worshiped each god equally to…

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  • One Of The Main Plots In The Odyssey By Homer

    The Odyssey “I see destruction for ship and crew. Thought you survive alone(780/645-646).” This is one of the main plots in the Odyssey, by Homer. The Odyssey is about an epic hero named Odysseus, king of Ithaca, tries to get back home after the Trojan war, but it takes twenty years to get back to his palace because of Poseidon, the sea god. Poseidon is mad at Odysseus for not giving thanks for shutting up a suitor. In the story, Odysseus uses his cunningness, smartness, Intelligence…

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  • What Is The Role Of Fashion In The Odyssey

    The Odyssey, a high budget made-for-TV adaptation of Homer's epic adventure, is, by television standards, a monumental achievement. By theatrical standards, the special effects are ambitious but not overwhelming. Yet it's hard to deny that it captures the sweeping spirit of Homer's original poem with color and verve. Armand Assante plays Odysseus, flawed hero of the Trojan War. When victory is won, he defies the gods with the sin of pride. Poseidon is angered and punishes him with the curse that…

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  • The Fate Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

    Ten years ago, the great King Odysseus is taken away from his home on a mighty voyage. He was so caught up in his task, he forgot to sacrifice to Poseidon for a safe journey. Poseidon got angry, and made Odysseus’s ship go way off course. Poseidon then cursed him, that it would take Odysseus ten years to return to his homeland. While making his journey home, Odysseus had many adventures. In one of his latest misadventures, Odysseus was imprisoned by the beautiful, yet slightly manic, sea…

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  • Odysseus: The Archetype Of A Hero

    The main two that are shown multiple times throughout the course of the book are that he comes face to face with death/ accomplishes many heroic feats and defends and protects civilization/ helps the weak and helpless (The Archetype of a Hero). Odysseus comes face to face with death many times and accomplishes many heroic feats in The Odyssey. A main example is after Odysseus angers Poseidon. Odysseus made Poseidon angry by injuring his son, so Poseidon exhibits his godly power by making an…

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  • Comparing The Odyssey 'And O Brother Where Art Thou?'

    Somewhere in 8th century ancient greek, Homer, a greek author and poet wrote one of the greatest adventure stories of all time: The Odyssey. From then on, The Odyssey has been told, revamped, and reimagined a thousand times over. O Brother, Where Art Thou? A 2000 adventure film was produced based off the great old greek tale, receiving several awards. These two stories The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou? all share the same elements of a hero: hubris, loyalty, and tribulations; showing…

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  • The Challenges Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

    Throughout Odysseus’ adventures he encounters many challenges, but with intellect and guile he manages to escape them all while teaching the reader a lesson. This epic is known as the Odyssey. The Odyssey was originally written by Homer and translated by Robert Fitzgerald. This epic is based on a mortal known as Odysseus who has to overcome many complications in an effort to reach home. He had to face these problems due to his first adventure, the island of Cyclops where a cyclops prayed to…

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  • Odysseus Trust And Distrust Analysis

    Trust and Distrust in Odyssey 10.1-79 As Odysseus strives to complete and fulfill his homecoming throughout the Odyssey, he must continually face the question of which of his skills and strengths from war may be applied to the adventures and domestic affairs which he encounters. In Odyssey 10.1-79, when Odysseus and his crew encounter Aeolus, their homecoming is compromised largely by Odysseus’ miscalculation in deciding to rely on concealment of information from his allies and human effort,…

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  • Examples Of Cunning In The Odyssey

    People often have both positive and negative traits. Today people in society accomplish great tasks but may become hindered due to their bad traits. Traits including greed and boastfulness make up negative traits that cause people to do the wrong thing. Similarly, in the eighth century epic poem, The Odyssey, the author Homer demonstrates the traits of cunning, the need for glory, articulate dialect, and boastfulness. positive and negative traits lie within the epic hero, Odysseus. Cunning…

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