The Towering Inferno

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  • Emp Attack Movie Analysis

    an outline of the character/cast members. Make sure to foreshadow the disaster to build anticipation and tension until the event occurs. Outline all the incidents that are the result of the disaster. For example, there might be a group of people trapped and they have to be rescued. The elevator works fine, but being trapped in an elevator is not entirely original. Think of other locations where people can be trapped. Make sure the actions feel original. Show how the major disaster causes smaller disasters. Outline the rescues. Outline who will live and who will die (and how). Use variety in the action sequences and in the rescue scenes. The tension should intensify with the action – normally a major action climax, like in THE TOWERING INFERNO. Show character transformation for the hero and other supporting cast members. Create a human antagonist. Outline what the moral lessons are and how it teaches the audience. Make sure the ending is consistent with a disaster film.…

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  • Tiresias In Dante's Divine Comedy

    kidnapped and tried for trying to spread his believes in the world when he was alive. Brutus was the person who killed Julius Caesar when Rome was a superpower of the world and before it fell. The third person is Cassius. He is famous because he could convince Brutus to kill Caesar and to help in the murder plot of Caesar. Dante, after noticing who was being eaten then begins to describe to the reader what Satan looks like. Dante says that, “The Emperor of the Universe of Pain jutted his…

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  • Dante's Inferno And King Lear Comparison Essay

    In life there is suffering. There has always been suffering and there will always be suffering; it is part of what makes us human. This is something that has been known for much longer than any of us have even been a part of the human experience. It is something that both Dante Alighieri and William Shakespeare took note of hundreds of years ago and something that both of them thought was a topic important enough to explore through their respective writings Dante’s Inferno and King Lear. With…

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  • The Divine Comedy In Dante's Inferno

    Dante’s Inferno The Divine Comedy, written by Dante Alighieri is the most notable epic poem produced during the Middle Ages. In the instance of the title the word comedy is taken from an Italian word defined as the prosperous ending after a difficult beginning. The Divine Comedy is a trilogy of poems the first being the Inferno, the story of Dante’s journey through hell. Two unique aspects of the Divine Comedy are that it was the first major epic to be written in Italian, rather than Latin, and…

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  • The Wife Of Bath's Inferno: Analysis

    Rachel Gaunt Professor Hall LITR201 December 26, 2014
 Dear Professor Hall: 
 While conducting a quick glance through the readings required to make a decision on which character I would choose for this assignment, my attention was immediately drawn to the female character of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”. It was at this point in time I had decided I would utilize her as the character who I thought would likely find themselves a spot within the Circles of Hell of Dante’s Inferno. That said,…

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  • Fear Of The Unknown In Dante's Inferno Analysis

    Fear of the Unknown in Dante’s Inferno All humans have fears. Common fears are those of threatening or dangerous subjects. All the most common fears have a face or a name: a fear of spiders, a fear of heights, or a fear of blood, for example. Perhaps the most important fear, though, is the fear that cannot be named. The greatest threat is a threat that cannot be anticipated. All humans have some fear of the unknown. Dante Alighieri’s Inferno brings into focus the innate human fear of…

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  • Bhagavad Gita And Inferno Analysis

    The Bhagavad-Gita and The Divine Comedy Volume 1: Inferno provide a broad perspective of human nature as a whole due to the origins of these works being from Eastern and Western civilizations which together encapsulates the ideals of the greater part of the human race. While they have some differing morals and beliefs of the spiritual world, both writings’ conception of suffering seems to have a similar ideological base. The texts understand suffering as a cyclical, repetitive and sometimes…

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  • Irony In Dante's Inferno

    In the Inferno, Dante begins on ground level and then he continues with his direction descending, going completely through the earth and hell. He winds up at the base of the heap of Purgatory on the opposite side. On the highest point of Purgatory there is the terrestrial heaven (the garden of Eden), and after that he works his way through the divine circles. It is the plot of the Divine Comedy and the account of Dante's adventure towards reclamation. The Inferno is for the most part thought to…

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  • The Epic Of Dante's Inferno By Dante Alighieri

    Life 's Journey Everyone knows that life is hard, and sometimes people make mistakes. To move past what they have done and better themselves one must look at the mistakes in their past and see fault in oneself . Dante Alighieri wrote the epic Dante 's Inferno when he was 35 years old and going through a midlife crisis He was going through a rough time, as he had just been tricked into being exiled from Florence Italy, his home he loved. He wanted to move on with his life and grow as a…

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  • Symbols In Dante's Inferno

    Something very interesting but probably common sense about this work is that the actual translation of inferno means hell, it is fitting seeing as the main character travels on a path to get to heaven that must go through hell. The key theme that I found more interesting than the others that might be able to be taken from the text. I thought that god finding a balance between the sin committed and the degree of punishment you will suffer was interesting, it was weird to think that there was once…

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