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  • The Garden Of Earthly Delights Analysis

    Earthly Delights” by Heironymus Bosch, this painting is a part of our first year read book that is brought up on many occasions by Frans Dee Waal who relates it back to the Bonobos. This painting required much time looking at and much research. To me this painting has made me come to think so much about temptations that we fight in our life, to me as a college student there’s so many temptations that I fight everyday, They are displayed in the painting through fruits there is a bramble bush that grows black berries, a pelican feeding its young, men holding fruit with a stroke’s head, they represent that temptations are all around us, they can consume us and they will make us weak. To give some background on the painting, the painting is a triptych, which were made for religious purpose and placed on a alter in the churches, but if you when you are to look at this painting you don’t see that…

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  • Triptych Artist Statement

    Triptych Artist Statement The theme of my triptych is about illustrating how ambiguous the perception of one’s appearance can have about an individual’s moral standpoint of being a good or bad person as ultimately, there is no definite answer as they coexist in each person regardless of appearance. Throughout the three pieces, I depicted one generic human figure that did not feature any human characteristics. This enabled the triptych to appeal to a diverse group of viewers. Each piece…

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  • Triptych Research Paper

    In the first semester, I took studio art class. In this class I was assigned the task of creating a triptych of a fruit. A triptych is a piece of art that shows something in three different stages. I chose to create a triptych of a mango. I chose this fruit because it is my favorite fruit and I thought it would look great in a triptych. I got the okay from my teacher Ms. Boncher and started researching mangos. To create my triptych I started by researching the different shapes in a…

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  • Latour D Auvergne Triptych Essay

    d’Auvergne Triptych, also called the Annunciation with Saints and Donors is a three part, wood panel that depicts the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary that she is to be the mother of Christ as described in the Gospel of Luke. As a foldable triptych, the art has remained amazingly well preserved without any conservation efforts, however, additional scanning and research had exposed some interesting changes and edits made to the image that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. These…

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  • Hiroshima Critical Analysis Essay

    In this critical analysis, I will be explaining the triptych that I have created which I will be explaining the experiences of Dr Sasaki in the book Hiroshima by John Hersey. I have chosen to use Dr Sasaki because of his dedication and commitment he had to the people of Hiroshima. The triptych reflects the before, middle and after math of the attacks on Hiroshima and Dr Sasaki’s involvement and connection with the bombing of Hiroshima. In my triptych, I have told the story of Dr Saskai’s…

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  • Essay On Understanding Human Loneliness

    Recently opened in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Understanding Human Loneliness, analyzes the discrepancy between internal isolation and external being. Located in an empty warehouse, Understanding Human Loneliness features only two works: Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe by Edouard Manet and Triptych, Left Panel by Paula Rego. The two works are vastly different – Rego’s piece features bright colors and jarring imagery while Manet’s piece employs subdued colors and less narrative – but evoke a…

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  • Our Culture Paulo Coelho Analysis

    What is Our Culture? According to Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho “Culture makes people understand each other better. And if they understand each other better in their soul, it is easier to overcome the economic and political barriers. But first they have to understand that their neighbor is, in the end, just like them, with the same problems, the same questions” (Brainy Quote). I believe that the statement that Paulo Coelho made is very true and has very deep meaning. While some to…

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  • Rogier Van Der Weyden Crucifixion Analysis

    It is clear from the Virgin Mother’s robe continuing onto Jesus’s panel that the two are connected, but scholars observe that, “the striking disparity between the painting's superb quality, colour and completeness viewed first hand and the prevailing scholarly conception of the panels as near-grisaille exteriors of altarpiece shutters, suggesting shop production, or an incomplete triptych”. This observation reveals that Rogier van der Weyden’s Crucifixion, will always remain mysterious as to…

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  • The Last Judgment By Michelangelo And Bosch

    of The Last Judgment, Hieronymus Bosch had the honors of painting it. Bosch’s version of the masterpiece took him four years to paint, which was between the years 1504 – 1508. The Last Judgment was painted using oil paint on a panel. Bosch’s version of The Last Judgment was done in a triptych style, in which the painting is closed all throughout the week and open on feast days or weekends. The style of the triptych is made in a way in which it begins with a prosaic expression and moves towards…

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  • How Did Romeo Veronese Last Supper

    Due to the time period and the new rules laid out, the Holy Inquisition did not approve of the work of art to essentially make a statement about what that they will and won’t accept in the church. The Holy Inquisition thought that Veronese’s painting had too much going on, too many extra individuals, as well as too many individuals from other cultures. Veronese’s Last Supper is essentially only 1/3 of the entire painting. The painting is divided up into three sections by painted columns and…

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