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  • Theo Van Gogh And Hirsi Ali Analysis

    After the film had aired, both Theo van Gogh and Hirsi Ali received thousands of death threats, which resulted in the murder of Theo Van Gogh and the seclusion of Hirsi Ali. According to some scholars, Theo van Gogh’s troubled history with the Muslim community justified the leaders blaming the film that for spreading Islam phobia. Theo van Gogh was a well-known Dutch filmmaker/author and is the great grand nephew of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh. Unfortunately, Theo van Gogh was not famous for his well written books or inspiring documentaries but rather for his controversial outspoken opinions on Muslims, Jews and Christians or as I say the “former Donald Trump” of his time. Theo van Gogh published a book called Allah Knows Better, which is based on the murder of the former Prime Minister of Holland by an animal rights activist claiming he was protecting the Muslims. At one point in the book, Theo van Gogh criticizes “ Islamic Militants and clergy for being woman haters” (Simons 2). In his day-to-day life, Theo van Gogh also called Muslims “ the secret column of goat fuckers. Even though he had frequently been sued for libel and slander, he managed to successfully defend himself under the…

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  • The Mulberry Tree Analysis

    The title of this painting is the Winter (The Vicarage Garden under Snow) by Vincent van Gogh. The date of the painting is probably January 1885. The medium is oil on canvas, mounted to panel. The scale is 23 x 31-1/8 in. (58.4 x 79.1 cm). Second painting I chose is The Mulberry Tree by Vincent van Gogh. The date of is October 1889. The medium is oil on canvas. The scale is 21-1/4 x 25-1/2 in. (54 x 65 cm). Vincent van Gogh was the second born of six children. His family was in a religious Dutch…

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  • Who Is Vincent Van Gogh?

    life of Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh was born in Holland on March 30th, 1853 to his parents Anna Carbentus van Gogh and Theodorus van Gogh. He had three sisters, Elisabeth, Anna, Wil, and two brothers, Theo and Cor. Van Gogh didn't get into art until 1870, at 16, he was employed by the Hague gallery that was run by French art dealers Goupil et Cie. Van Gogh decided that he didn’t want to be an art dealer any more because it didn't interest him anymore, and he decided wanted to follow in…

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  • The Starry Night Over The Rhone Analysis

    Vincent Van Gogh: Starry Night Over the Rhone “I do not say that my work is good, but it 's the least bad that I can do. All the rest, relations with people is very secondary, because I have no talent for that. I can 't help it”(Editors 7). Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Zundert, Netherlands and died on July 29, 1896 in Auvers-sur-Oise France. Van Gogh had two younger brothers, Theo Van Gogh and Cornelis Vincent Van Gogh. He also had three younger sisters Wil Van…

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  • Van Gogh's Depression Research Paper

    Van Gogh’s Life Through Depression At a young age, Van Gogh was thought to be a disappointment to his family for his passion to paint (Hammacher 10). His parents neglected him, and he was always in the dark when it came to his paintings (11). Van Gogh was said to have depression, but he used it to his advantage throughout his life (250). Depression is when something causes grief, extreme sadness, and low self-esteem to a person (Carlson 3).The symptoms to depression can cause a person to be…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh Research Paper

    Vincent van Gogh ART 1030: Intro to Art Jacob Vienna, 002 VIENNA, JACOB – VINCENT VAN GOGH Vincent van Gogh Vincent van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter who is considered to be one of the greatest Dutch painters to ever live. One thing van Gogh is known for is the emotion in his work. I chose to write this paper about van Gogh due to this. In Starry Night, van Gogh communicates his feelings of coldness and darkness in his life. Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853, in…

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  • Final Art Questions: The Starry Night And The Starrry Night

    somewhat blended together. Turn your attention to the piece as a whole. Take a few minutes to look at the artwork in its entirety and answer the following questions. a. How does the artist use color? Are there stark contrasts or is it blended? Are there symbolic meanings behind the color choices? Van Gogh uses color first by coloring the whole picture almost dark which a lot of art critics think is a reflection about his mental illness and how he tries to…

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  • Van Gogh Painter On The Road To Tarascon Analysis

    Vincent Van Gogh did an artwork called, Painter on the road to Tarascon, that is a great, unfortunate, piece of canvas that did not last up to this day. The painting was around for a while to be admired by many people, but certain events led the original piece to not be available for the people of the 21st century. The Painter on the road to Tarascon canvas had a meaning towards Van Gogh himself in different ways. The painting may seem like a simple portrait of an artist, but it is much more…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh In The Starry Night

    way Vincent van Gogh has. His life and works have proven to fascinate time and time again. During his lifetime it was stated, "of his 700 paintings and thousands of drawings, of which he sold less than half-dozen in his lifetime." (Fiero, 2011) In this paper, the life of Vincent van Gogh will be addressed up until the point of his demise. Within this discussion, one of the most recognizable paintings titled "The Starry Night," will be analyzed for each eye capturing point it is believed to…

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  • Vincent Van Gogh's Midnight In Paris

    Vincent Van Gogh was a post-Impressionist painter and his art work is highly regarded. He died at the young age of 37 in 1890. There are two movies that feature the art work of Van Gogh “Lust for Life” and “Midnight in Paris”. These movies were Academy Award winners. As far as it is known, supposedly this artist sold only one painting in his lifetime. His most celebrated art work is “The Starry Night” and this painting became part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New…

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