France in the American Revolutionary War

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  • Battle Of Saratoga Essay

    Saratoga was the turning point in the Revolutionary war because the battle showed that the very small American army could take on the British empire. The battle was a great victory for American Patriots and gave the French allies faith that the American military could defeat the British. The Patriots had gained hope that they could win their independence back and use their intellectual minds to win the war with the French and other European groups allying with them. Saratoga was a major turning point to the revolutionary war, because it resulted in the mighty British surrendering to the small army with over 6,000 men invading New York from Canada. With the British army in the American’s hands, New England was prevented from being isolated and…

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  • American Revolution Revolutionary Essay

    The American Revolution was revolutionary for many reasons. Some of the reasons were , because of the battles, the taxes, the protests, and the rebellion of the patriots. Because of the American Revolution, the thirteen colonies were able to change socially, politically and economically. This was one of the major causes that started the war. Major events throughout the American Revolution were the reasons why this war was revolutionary. Events such as The Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea…

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  • Why Did The Americans Won The Revolutionary War

    “Give me liberty or give me death,” is one of the most famous quotes of the Revolutionary War.Patriot Patrick Henry said those words in 1775, he supported the Revolutionary War and was trying to convince others war was necessary. It worked and the Americans did fight for freedom. The Americans had help to win their freedom in 1783, it was granted to them by the Treaty of Paris of 1783. The Treaty of Paris of 1783 gave the Americans freedom under six conditions, because they and other countries…

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  • Reasons For The Battle Of Saratoga

    1770’s few Americans were thinking about independence from Britain, and the struggle was framed in the terms of colonial protests seeking redress for grievances( Hugh Dussek). Increasing tension eventually led to the declaration of independence and in turn resulted in the revolutionary war. All of the tension resulted in an overwhelming amount of motivation for the American colonists, they had a reason, an incentive to fight, whereas the British soldiers had little if any motivation aside from…

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  • How Did The American Revolution Contribute To The Enlightenment

    In the American Revolution, America revolted against Britain over the issue of “no taxation with representation”. Thomas Jefferson was one of the first Americans to introduce Enlightenment ideas to the Americans. These ideas inspired the Americans to want to claim their natural rights and independence. Jefferson also played a major role in getting help from the French, which is a main reason America won the war. The American Revolution was an inspiration to the people of France and helped spark…

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  • How Americans Won The Revolutionary War

    The Americans could have lost the Revolutionary War quite easily if not for some essential people. When the Americans started the Revolutionary War, countries were thinking to ally with them to defeat the ultimate superpower, but they didn't act immediately. Once the Americans won a couple of battles they decided to help. Once some countries finally decided to help America, they had a big impact and changed the course of history. They gave America many things that helped them win the war.…

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  • Public Opinions: The French Revolution

    Without the spread of public opinions through France in the late eighteenth century, it is likely the French revolution would not have occurred. The spread of ideas along with other factors such as class wars, financial and political crisis; France was able to usher in a new age that benefitted most rather than a select few. This essay will explore the influence public opinions had on the causation of the revolution while briefly looking at the other contributory factors. Before the revolution,…

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  • What Role Did African Americans Play During The Revolution

    Ethan: Most Patriots fought for the colonist. Although, only few Loyalist fought in the war for the British. Cid: Where were the majority of both sides from? Ethan: The majority of the Loyalist are from the south and the majority of the Patriots are from the New England colonies…

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  • Factors That Led To America's Success

    During the American Revolutionary War which was fought principally in the American colonies from 1775 to 1783, there were many factors which contributed to the blooming American nation’s ability to be victorious over the British and gain independence. Some of these numerous factors include the distance between America and Great Britain, the formal and informal Franco-American Alliance, and Britain’s reluctance to fight an expensive war versus America’s intense desire for freedom and dedication…

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  • Why Is Saratoga Called The Turning Point In The Revolutionary War

    the Revolutionary War. The reason why it was called the turning point in the Revolutionary War was the success at Saratoga gave France the confidence in the American cause to enter the war as an American ally.The Battle of Saratoga was a shocking victory in the American Revolution and helped secure the independence of the United States of America . The Battle of Saratoga was in the fall of 1777. British Lieutenant General John Burgoyne’s invasion of the northern colonies, had collided…

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