How Americans Won The Revolutionary War

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The Americans could have lost the Revolutionary War quite easily if not for some essential people. When the Americans started the Revolutionary War, countries were thinking to ally with them to defeat the ultimate superpower, but they didn't act immediately. Once the Americans won a couple of battles they decided to help. Once some countries finally decided to help America, they had a big impact and changed the course of history. They gave America many things that helped them win the war. Without them, the British would have won the war.
The Americans couldn't have won the war without France and Spain, and we might not be Americans today if France and Spain didn't help us. E. Thesis-

The French helped the Americans win the war in many ways. With guns, money, and extra troops and
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A Spanish commander named Bernando de Gálvez took many forts in the south and took away troops from the British that had to fight them instead of fighting Americans. He had lots of troops and claimed land across the entire south that helped America win the war. The Spanish gave America supplies and money to help pay for war debt and not run out of needed gun supply.
The Spanish upgraded the quality of Americans and gave them cannons to help win more battles. They also loaned money to pay for more ammunition, uniforms, and other supplies that they needed. Spanish troops worked with the Americans in many major battles and might not have won without them there. 1.Elaboration- In the battle of Yorktown and other battles Spanish troops helped America fight through the war. There weren't too many recruits for America, so they had backup from Spain and France. E. Conclusion/Transition Sentence to next topic-Connection to thesis-America couldn't have won without Spain and France, but other countries helped in their own small

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