Essay On The Causes Of The Spanish American War

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The Spanish-American War of 1898 made the world recognize the United States as a dominant power. This hard fault battle that proceeded for about ten weeks resulted in a victory for the United States, defeating the once powerful Spanish military. In result the United States got to govern Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. Cuba, unlike the other three countries that were under the power of the United states, were able to become and independent nation. This war was started by the overall idea of cause and effect, which were the immediate causes, the underlying causes, and the effect/result of the war as a whole.

Immediate causes of the Spanish American war that were incorporated with underlying causes were causes such as the Cuban Rebellion, which impacted the sugar trade. A underlying cause that was incorporated into the immediate cause was America’s economic ties to Cuba. When Spain was over Cuba, Cuba was suffering with a deteriorating economy. Jose Marti, who is considered a hero in Cuba’s history,
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declared war on Spain, Congress declared that Cuba was a free and independent country. The president made Spanish authority be removed from the island. Later on the Spanish-American-Cuban-Filipino War broke out. Another underlying cause was that inveterate imperialists saw war as an opportunity to fulfill expansionist dreams. This resulted in naval enthusiasts having some support to create a New Navy. The idea of the New Navy turned out to be a good thing because the New Navy ship the Olympia wrecked a Spanish fleet. American ships sank more Spanish squadrons. The U.S. military also attacked a Spanish colony of Puerto Rico. This resulted in the U.S. getting another navy site, which helped protect an American canal. This made Spain want peace. A few months later on August 12th Spain and the U.S. signed an agreement to end the war. The United States gained a victory, and the privilege to govern Puerto Rico, Guam, and the

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