Essay On Mexican Americans In Ww2

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Mexican Americans role in the war a vital need for the fight against Nazi fascism their role in the war changed how things went during the war. Since they were vital to the war they often were placed in certain areas that spoke Spanish.
Since many Mexican Americans spoke Spanish their skills were utilized for example, the wrote an article stating this very fact that I would like to reference “their fluency in Spanish was invaluable when serving with Spanish speaking Filipinos” ( Page one). Utilizing the fact that Mexican Americans can speak the native language in other they were able to gain important information. The fact that many Mexican Americans spoke Spanish was a huge advantage for the American army. The fact that so many
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As I stated above in my essay Mexican Americans role in the army was vital from the home front, job openings, women getting involved in war to the actually war itself. The Mexican American population made great strides during the war the racial tension in America against them for example “at the end of the war Latinos had proven their worth and I think that most other Americans, non-Latino Americans accepted them. It was a huge thrust forward in the relationship of the Latino to others and they had proven the right to be treated like any American Bill Lansford, THE WAR” (PBS.ORG). Without the Mexican American presence in the war it could have gone a completely different. The fact that so many Mexican Americans joined the armed forces was needed because of the need for more soldiers in the United States army. Mexican Americans role in the army was a role that could not be replaced and without the help of the Mexican Americans the war could have lasted longer or even could have been worse for the number of casualties. I believe that they were a great addition in the war effort against Nazi

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