Causes And Effects Of The War Of 1812

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What was the War of 1812 and what caused it to happen? The War of 1812 was a war between the United States of America and England. Many different reasons caused this bloody and violent war to begin. Several significant events transpired during this war. The impact of this war changed the world forever. The War of 1812, which had many varying causes, undoubtedly had an exceedingly unforgettable lasting effect and left an extremely significant impact on the entire world.
There were many different causes of the War of 1812. Britain did not want to let America, which used to be one of its colonies, go. The British would do many little things to oppress the Americans. For example, they would help the Native Americans to fight the Americans. They
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On-looking countries took them especially seriously. Some saw them as a rising threat while others saw them as a welcome help. They were now seen as an official country and not just a group of rebels, because they had convincingly beaten Britain, which had the greatest army in the world at that time, twice. No country in their right mind would mess with a country that was so powerful that they could defeat Britain. Others no longer laughed at America. Mutilating Britain’s army twice garnered special respect towards the …show more content…
It accumulated prominent respect for America from other countries that had tracked the battles of the war. It gave many men the boost they needed to start or further their careers. Making a great impression during the war, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and William Henry Harrison all used it to launch their careers in politics. The War of 1812 also assisted the U.S.A.’s economy. All of the manufacturing of useful items assisted its economy greatly. Although the war caused many people to lose their lives, it left some advantageous and favorable

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