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  • Catsica Research Paper

    Why was Catsica created? Really, Catsica was only created to send some pictures from a birthday party. However, it became something much more than that. Catsica is more than just a club, a band, or texts. Catsica is a collaborative group that is constantly expanding. Catsica empowers and inspires its members. Catsica is about communication, risk-taking, and caring. Catsica is about balance, principles, reflecting, thinking, and being open-minded. The most important part of Catsica is dedication. A true Catsica member always remembers to text everyday. A true Catsica member finishes all of their Catsica assignments. A true Catsica member gives up phone storage for texts and spends time and money on Catsica. Being dedicated to Catsica is being a true Catsica member. It is a Catsica member's responsibility to help contribute to keeping Catsica this way and improving upon it. Joining Catsica can be a long and hard process, but it is designed that way to make sure that all new members truly have what it takes to be in Catsica. The number one key to being in Catsica is dedication. All members need to be dedicated to Catsica and the joining process is designed to ensure that they are. All new members must attend a Catsica Prep School to learn the meaning of Catsica and to learn the basic history of Catsica. History is a very important part of Catsica and it is something that all members need to know. Catsica School teaches more than just Catsica history. It also teaches the…

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  • Punk And Individuality

    Armstrong of the punk-pop band Green Day once said this. He was elaborating on how punk and alternative music has no specific rules. How it allows for originality, no matter the kind of person that you are. His band has become extremely successful, jumping from subgenre to subgenre, they have influenced many. To truly appreciate alternative music, people must consider the progression that it has made, its connection to popular bands today, and its differing styles that artists emulate today.…

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  • Analysis Of Modernist Painting By Wayne Thiebaud And James Rosenquist

    middle “an image of hood and part of the windshield of a blue car, and two wood posts on top with a single piece of wire stretched with a wire stretched horizontally across”. Similar to Thiebaud’s work, Rosenquist uses inanimate subject matter, but non traditionally. Through his cropping and odd grouping of imagery, the artist references the mix of textures found in commonly seen items. 1, 2, 3 Outside also pursues modernist self-reference through the application of paint on the canvas, but in…

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  • Chief Dodds: A Fictional Narrative

    said I was an artist.” “I 'll take it,” Mike laughs before grimacing a little. “Are you ok? Do I need to get a nurse?” Sonny gives a concerned look. “Please don 't. I 'm fine. Stitches still hurt a little,” he rubs his side for a moment. “Alright, but let me know and I 'll get one here right away,” Sonny sits down as Rafael watches on. Mike only nods, resting his hands comfortably on his lap. Sonny looks at him, “You know, you gave us all a scare there.” “Believe me, I know. My dad. He…

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  • How Does Plastic Surgery Influence South Korean Popular Culture

    As it increasingly becomes more popular in other countries, there seems to be a switch that is different from Westernization. This is defined as “the social process of becoming familiar with or converting to the customs and practices of Western civilization” (LaBellea 70) and normally associated with European being at the top of the list but accompanied in the increase of popularity of South Korean culture outside the country of origin, many people are trying to emulate a non—Western version of…

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  • Fallacy Of Container Thinking

    between cultures can be decided territorially through the recognition of state controlled borders. Through this understanding of culture, container theories have largely pervaded research into international communications. However, with the expansion of new media technologies, cross border communication has become more advanced, accelerating global interactions. Introducing media as a center for the development of a culture challenges the preexisting methodology of applying container theories…

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  • Monkey And Horse-Personal Narrative

    Setting/Details/Notes: This came about due to forced writing. I had little inspiration, but here 's the update! ^^ This is [duh!] and AU, but I thought it would be fun. Plus, it all came together simply thinking about Peeta 's and this chapter 's reader 's personality. Hope you like it! To be edited later. Reader Insert Notes: Monkey and Horse archetype mix. "Wow," he breathed. "Wow," you affirmed. Your manager shot you a questioning look, which you replied with a wide smile. "And so our…

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  • Andy Warhol Stars Of The Silver Screen Analysis

    “If Andy Warhol had Instagram, it would boom” says Karol Carstensen, TIFF exhibition expert. Much like our social media crazed generation today, Warhol was obsessed with the idea of 24/7 recording. “I think he really anticipated our surveillance society with its reality TV and social media culture,” says Jon Davies, curator of TIFF’s flagship exhibition Andy Warhol: Stars of the Silver Screen. Different than Andy Warhol Revisited’s exhibit of his well-known pop art collection, Stars of the…

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  • Ariel Monologue

    Ariel 's P.O.V. I 've been here a week and still "he" hasn 't come looking for me, maybe "he" figured out why I 'm running, now all that 's left is to get that damn song out of my head... I started to have flashbacks of the love that we had with our song playing... I remember that day when our eyes first met you ran into the building to get out of the rain cause you were soakin ' wet as you held the door you wanted to know my name timing is everything you can call it faith or…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Short Story: Waiting For Me?

    "Wait for me?" "No." "Come on give me like 2 more minutes," I pleaded, running around my house like a crazy woman. "Fine," Regina said, rolling her eyes and plopping down on my couch. Ok I just needed to find the perfect shoes to go with my dress... I went to my room and looked under my bed for my plain black flats. Since I was going to a party, I was trying to avoid my feet hurting from heels. "Got it!" I yelled from my room and walked to the living room where Regina was now standing.…

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