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  • Reign Of Terror Dbq Analysis

    the revolution. The period in which the violence started became known as the Reign of Terror. Individual rights were being ignored and thousands of people were being executed because they were suspected of aiding or being an enemy. The Reign of Terror was not justified because the actions toward external threat did not require it, the actions toward internal threat did not deserve it, and the methods that were used were to extreme. The external threat of foreign armies in France does not justify the actions that were taken during the Reign of Terror. In Document B it shows a timeline of events that occurred during the Reign of Terror. On the date April 20, 1792, it says “France declares war on Austria, and Prussia joins Austria.” The only reason France had to declared war was to spread the ideas of the revolution. This was not necessary because the country was already in financial crisis from past wars and now they are adding the their debt. Also, Austria was not a threat to France since Marie Antoinette was the queen and the sister of the Austrian monarch. In Document C it says “The French army had three purposes in mind: to protect the new government at home, to spread the revolutionary ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity beyond its borders; and to punish French emigres.” The French army’s purpose should not be to protect the government or spread revolutionary ideals, it should be to protect the country and defeating the enemy. There is no use in going to war if…

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  • Why People Join Cults Essay

    the word cult, they think of people in dark cloaks worshipping Satan or bald monks who live in mountains as hermits. That is not always the case though. It is not as easy as one may think to spot cult members as they come from varying walks of life. The purpose of this paper is to define cults, to explain why people join cults, and to apprise the danger that cults pose. Although most religions start as cults, there are many qualities, criteria, and traits that separate cults from religions.…

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  • Psychological Effects Of Cults Essay

    These days, people throw around the world cult like it’s nothing. For example, fitness trends such as Cross Fit and Soul Cycle have been similarly compared to actual cults. Cross Fit and Soul Cycle might be a bit out there, but there is nothing strange or sinister about them like in actual cults. The truth of the matter is that the word cult should not be used as a joke. Cults are dangerous. They take over people’s lives, demanding many sacrifices, such as isolation and heavy financial…

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  • The Jonestown Massacre

    Jonestown Jim Jones was born in 1931; he was from Crete, Indiana. In the 1970’s Jones was a popular cult leader, and claimed himself to be the leader of the Peoples Temple religious cult. Jones promised a utopia to his followers that were dedicated disciples. “On November 18, 1978, in what became known as the Jonestown Massacre, Jones led more than 900 men, women and children to their deaths in a mass suicide by cyanide-laced punch.”(Editors).When Jim Jones promised a racially integrated…

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  • Why Do People Join Cults

    Cults are defined as a group of people having religious beliefs or practices viewed by others as strange. There are many cults in America, more than actual churches. The group is usually isolated from the rest of society which is believed to be destructive. These cults create their own worlds and limit any outside influences. They form their own society with a religious leader controlling the group. These groups use physiological persuasions to recruit and brainwash their members. In our…

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  • Response To Social Disorganisation

    that embraces both cults and sects; the term was coined by Barker as a neutral term as cults and sects are usually portrayed negatively by the media which can cause moral panic so sociologists such as Barker and Wallis came up with NRMs. However, Hadden and Bromley point out the concepts cult and sect, used by sociologists, have precise meanings and therefore are free of prejudice so there shouldn’t be new terms for it, but this is not always understood by the general public and therefore we…

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  • Social Psychology: Free Will Vs. Autonomy

    Social Psychology: Free will vs Autonomy. Understanding Formulation of Actions: A Cult Case Study. The formulation of truth as a psychological process is vastly homogeneous, meaning that there are universal truths and beliefs. Social absolutes exist in the form of consensus understanding of right and wrong; common decency is an expected phenomenon and value is placed upon the action in a social setting. It could be argued that humans rely on others for confirmation of their actions (Asch…

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  • The Man Who Saved You From Yourself Analysis

    titled "The Man Who Saves You From Yourself" Cults do exist, but no one ever admits to joining such a group or affiliation. One only joins a nonprofit organization that promotes animal rights, green technology, or transcendental meditation, as they would admit. However, regardless of how much these members of a cult deny it, cults do exist. In fact, cult groups live among unsuspecting members of their society and continue to carry out their cult activities and rituals without raising suspicion.…

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  • Conformity, Social Influence, And Normative Social Impact Theory

    John F. Kennedy once said, “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” Once one suppresses freedom, the person’s true identity begins to disappear. Conformity causes lack of individuality, as shown through cults; the Stanford Prison Experiment; and normative social influence, informational social influence, and the social impact theory. The word “cult” refers to a group of people with religious tendencies, beliefs, or just practices in general that some may describe as…

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  • The Importance Of Blame

    fostering a negative idea of those from the outside. The technical term is called splitting. It changes the perception and reaction to people, objects, and situation from the outside; it makes cult members “fearful or hostile towards those on the outside, but often there is an air of pity or even condescension towards those “unenlightened” individuals who are not part of the group (Perkins and Salande 387). Most of these members believe that they are a part of something better than what the…

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