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  • Detroit Lions Research Paper

    Confidence is what all Detroit Lions fans felt as they prepared for the Thanksgiving game against the Minnesota Vikings to decide the leader of the NFC North. “ they are a team with potential and they're probably going to make the playoffs but not go very far if they do make playoffs.” Niko George said. “The lions are not that good because they have no offensive line to have matthew stafford have enough time to throw the ball.” Michael George said. “The lions are a very good team with Matthew Stafford throwing the ball.” Michael Pyevich said. “The Detroit Lions are a decent team because they 6 wins and 4 losses.” Nicolas Elias said. the Vikings, who had lost to the Detroit Lions in overtime 22 - 16 They've had time to improve their offensive and defensive playing styles. But with Anthony Barr,Harrison Smith,Everson Griffen,Eric Kendricks and Linval Joseph leading the defense of the Minnesota Vikings ranking 6th Place best defense in the NFL league according to www.profootballfocus.com. “They have a great defense but they need to work on some of the offensive linemen but besides that everything else doesn't need Improvement. The Vikings defense don't have to worry about the receiver core because Marvin Jones jr. and Golden Tate will be covered by Trae Waynes and Xavier Rhodes but they have to worry about Theo Riddick because he can do some serious damage to the defensive line on the Vikings.” George said. “Minnesota has a great defense because of their…

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  • Football Techniques

    viewer, every player’s role is extremely crucial to the entire team. One player’s mistake can ruin an entire play. Every player and team has their own unique technique. To perform successful plays, players must use techniques, and one wrong move and potentially ruin an entire play. When a team is on offense, their goal is to score. They will use strategies, formations, and techniques to accomplish this goal. There are many positions and each position has a role on offense. The linemen…

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  • Personal Narrative: Playing Football For St. Joe

    Coach Brown came up to me and told me I was going to start in the game. I had a burst of excitement run through me and I was ready to run into the game and do my best. Once we were done with stretches I was ready for the pre-game practice to be over so I could go into the game. I went through the pre-game practice fast i knew the plays and i knew where I needed to go and when. It was the 3rd quarter and we had just gained 15 yards, I could see Andy our quarter back running back into the huddle…

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  • Problems With Daddy Ball In Youth Football

    PROBLEMS WITH FOOTBALL There is a major problem in youth football leagues that's why some people call it “Daddy Ball” It’s where the coach a.k.a someone’s dad puts their son in a position that they maybe aren’t that great in and blame it on the offensive line and or the fullback for not blocking someone or missing a block. This problem is a big problem and it affects players who know that they are good at that position and they want to try out for it but the coach doesn’t think that their…

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  • Analysis Of Thomas J. Dygard's The Backfield Package

    The Backfield Package by Thomas J. Dygard is a fiction sports story about a football team that has a chance to win the Rend Lake Conference championship in back to back seasons. The story mainly focuses on four players Joe Mitchell the quarterback, Tracy Jackson a wide receiver, Coley Brewster a running back, and Lew Preston the fullback and where these players will decide to go to college to play football at. The time that this story goes on is unknown, but I would assume that the time is…

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  • Lacrosse Vs Hockey

    Field hockey has eleven players on the field. On defense there is a goalie, a sweep and two fullbacks that are low defense and they help the goalie but are further up the field. On offense there are two midfielders, a right wing, a left wing that play on the sides of the field and two players who play around the middle circle. In lacrosse there are ten players on the field for each team. On defense there is a goalie and three defenders. On offense there are three midfielders and three attackers.…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Football Life

    Lineman, while i still played each saturday morning with the JV, i started eight out of ten friday nights as a defensive tackle. The first two games I did not start because it took a little while for the coaching staff to believe that a Varsity Defensive lineman could weigh only 155lbs. While the season yet again ended with an undesirable final record, that year; I got my first real taste of High school football; I earned my first varsity letter; but most importantly I earned the respect of my…

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  • Short Essay: Traumatic Brain Injury

    situation the skin on the head, and the bone of the skull does not need to be broken for someone involved in the accident to become victim of a TBI. Intense shaking or your head being thrown forward, or even in a strange circumstance possibly backwards, into a steering wheel, dash, or in the worst situation, the windshield. The best way for one to attempt to prevent a TBI in a car accident would be the presence of a roll cage and airbags in the car along with proper use of seatbelts and car…

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  • Match Fixing Game Allegation

    Stephen Donald was involved in a match fixing game. The Waikato Rugby Union had a press conference on October 7, 2015 to answer the match-fixing allegation that they received from the media during the Ranfurly Sheild game. In the press conference General Manager, Blair Foote confirmed to the media that Stephen Donald has been part of match fixing game; she also explained the actual incident that happened in the game. “We would like to confirm that Stephen Donald was involved in a match…

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  • Sowing Sexual Confusion Analysis

    and who’s got what determines who can use which public restroom.” The editorial’s reasons for his claims are, the factory-installed sexual equipment that should settle the argument, is no longer the determining factor and that some people are very confused about their sexual identity.” Sowing Sexual Confusion” is persuasive because it says the quote “ Just because a man feels like a women doesn’t mean he use the women’s restroom”. The editor uses logos in this quote,” Those of traditional -…

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