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  • Hip Hop In South Korea

    riots. Growing up in Los Angeles, the “bustling city of hip-hop culture”, he saw music as a medium of peaceful communication (Brown). Korean hip hop has often been criticized for appropriating black culture and there’s no denying that the genre has Western undertones. But if we look at artists like Tiger JK, we see that there are a number of Korean-Americans breaking through the Korean hip hop industry carrying with them the true origins of hip hop. Korean-Americans were once kids who grew up with the “American Dream” ideal. They naturally bring this mentality along with them when pursuing their musical aspirations in South Korea. Through their lyrics and attitudes, it’s clear that Korean-American artists and also artists influenced by Korean-American culture seek to test the norms by skills alone. Rather than being decorative veneers singing and dancing to songs that lacking meaning, they aspire bring more substantial lyrics to the table. But in order to do so, they’re required to thrive in unideal conditions by starting their musical career…

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  • Life Of Pi Compare And Contrast

    A zebra, an orangutan a hyena and a tiger? Or, a Taiwanese sailor, a mother, a French cook, and Pi? These are two stories that give the same meaning, but one tells a better story. In Life of Pi by: Yann Martel, Pi gets stuck on a lifeboat for 227 days after he is the victim of a shipwreck. He is forced to survive the harshness of the sea. After a truly incredible journey to ultimate survival, Pi tells the story of his miraculous survival in the company of a tiger to Japanese men from the…

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  • Alligators And Crocodiles Essay

    “The Difference between Alligators and Crocodiles” Plenty of people confuse the alligators and crocodiles, as they are both large, scaly animals of prey. What most people do not think of is that while they are very alike in some ways, they are two extremely different, yet super frightening hunters. Both of these reptiles are members of the reptilian family Crocodylia, however they are from two different families. There are a sum of 25 types of crocodilians (belonging to the Crocodylia family),…

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  • Desert Fox Essay

    Capparis deciduas. Today the abundance of palatable grasses and tree species like Acacia and Salvadora spe have significantly decreased due to massive invasion and dominance of Prosopis juliflora. The fauna of Banni includes: the blue bull, chinkara, black-naped hare, wild boar, golden jackal, Indian wolf, Caracal, striped hyena, Indian fox, desert fox, jungle cat, and desert cat. It also supports a rich diversity of avifauna, herpetofauna and invertebrates. During a good rainfall water bodies…

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  • Theme Of Self Discovery In Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha

    A fish, confined to the small waters of a round glass bowl, encompasses something much larger than itself. The same as a tiger, unrestrained, roaming the vast jungle. And the same as a human. Every living thing must meet some form of an end. Whether this pause is believed to be peaceful and positive or painful and agonizing is based upon experience; nevertheless, it is an inevitable limit that is one day attained by all. Siddhartha, a book of self discovery by author Hermann Hesse,…

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  • White Headed Langur Narrative Report

    Personal Narrative Before we get into the story, let me explain to you what is a white-headed langur. A white-headed langur is a special species of monkey that lives in Chong Zuo, China. This species is one of those endangered species in China just like the panda. Professor Pan from the University of Beijing was sent to research and rescue the monkey from danger. Professor Pan was a famous scientist of animals. He was sent to save both pandas and dolphins and had honored by the government.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Lions And Bears, Oh My !

    Makenzie Jensen 10/19/17 3rd hour/Barker Personal Narrative Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!! The birds are singing from the tops of the trees. Butterflies fluttering around me. The stream babbling in the distance. All I can see is green for miles. And beyond that are the mountain tops painted in snow. The chilly air blows my long, luscious golden hair out of my face. Shivering, I wrap the thick wool blanket I’m holding around me tightly. I am staring at what would be the most perfect…

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  • Sartre's Identity In The Hermeneutic, By Joseph Fanon

    There is an old story about a lion that was raised by sheep. This lion would eat grass like sheep and graze the landside like sheep because in its mind, the lion was a sheep. Regardless of the surroundings, the lion attended to its identity as if it was a sheep. But, one day while they were moving through the valley, the lion heard a roar from the top of the mountain. When the lion looked up from the mountain and saw the lion it recognized something in the lion that was similar to itself that…

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  • The Zika Virus

    When imagining the deadliest animal in the world, the faces that usually come to mind are that of a tiger, a snake, or maybe a shark. However, the most dangerous animal in the world does not have the claws of a tiger, the venom of a snake, or the teeth of a shark. This animal is measured in millimeters, produces hundreds of offspring from a single mother, and feeds off human blood. It is the mosquito. The most common species is culex pipiens, but there are others such as aedes aegypti, aedes…

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  • Felis Nigripes

    black, whereas the visible upper parts are no different from the rest of its tawny colored coat (76). The name is further misunderstood within the Felidae family, since the African wildcat also has dark fur on the soles of its feet. The common name, “small-spotted cat” was introduced in 1980, as Sunquist and Sunquist suggest, to relieve confusion between the two species, but at the same time created new issues in deciphering between Felis nigripes and the similar-sized “small-spotted genet”…

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