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  • Dora The Explorer Case Study Analysis

    Dora the Explorer is a frequently viewed show amongst the younger age group, from toddlers and up, that has been around for almost 15 years. Dora is a young girl that goes on endless adventures with her monkey friend Boots. Her relationship with her family seems stable, as we have seen her greet and interact with them after adventures and she has worked alongside her cousin Diego. Dora also seems rather friendly and social, with humans and animals alike. The audience is engaged by picking the path that Dora needs to follow when she becomes sidetracked and asks for assistance. I selected her for this assignment because her family situation and behavior that she exhibits is strange. Her lack of parental interference is apparent with her ability to travel around the world alone. Not only that, but age plays a huge factor. She is depicted as a child wandering the world. In addition, her incapability to remember things and constant need for guidance is also abnormal. She has a hard time remembering events that occurred seconds before, hence why she repeatedly asks the audience questions a number of times. I’ve never seen Dora in a home setting. The location of the show takes place outdoors, following Dora from one place to another, but not once in the 15 years the show has aired, have I ever seen Dora not wandering the country. Her interaction with animals and objects are also peculiar. It is apparent that Dora suffers from numerous mental health disorders. With that being said,…

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  • Grounded Interview Theories

    start thinking about the existing data. My theoretical framework to analyze this data is Grounded Theory, which utilizes inductive sorting, and that allows the researcher to use data itself to make ideas theories (Galman, 2013). In order to reach most meaningful material, I will code each transcript by hand on the Microsoft Word`s Comment feature, which is under the Review tap. I will look at find data chunks in each transcript, which Saldana (2013) defined this process as a First Cycle…

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  • Reshma Saujani's Speech 'Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection'

    teachers, family, and mentors to realize what the idea of perfection does to a girl’s self-esteem. Stories and facts were shared to appeal to the younger and older class and to business. She shared a story about a sixteen-year-old writing code to help detect cancer to appeal to the younger generations. She shared stories of girls being scared to fail so they would not try at all. Also, stories about girls who believed that the problems were their selves not the code. These stories reach out…

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  • Reflection On Self-Directed Search

    summary code, and how to use the booklet for career choices. The assessment book starts with the occupational day dreams which necessitated instructions to the client on how to locate the code of their “dream career” within the OF. This task was relatively straightforward once the client realized the book was divided in two parts; one with careers listed under codes the other with careers listed alphabetically. Subsequently, I read and explained what each letter meant that made up the summary…

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  • Peter The Civilized Boy Analysis

    In a lifetime people will have many codes or rules that they will morph over time. They might honor them or they may abandon them as time goes by. Peter is a young boy who grows up in South Carolina during the time of segregation. His world gets turned upside down when he abandons his code of being a wealthy civilized boy who dislikes people with darker skin tone to immersing himself in the aboriginal culture, becoming what he knows as being “uncivilized”, and starting to be more hands on.…

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  • Records From Discharge-Permanent File

    A. Describe the flow of records from discharge to permanent file. In a paper based environment all patients discharged papers is reviewed. Here are the steps involved with a paper base environment:  Make sure there is no missing or incomplete documentation  Codes and /procedures are correct  Misspelled words are correct  Place any missing papers or information in the patient file The patient leaves the medical facility with each visit; the patient records are coded, billed, and…

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  • Code Of Hammurabi Analysis

    have been because people just didn't want their things to be stolen from them. Nor could they lie or commit adultery because they were both dishonest. They also could not kill or hit people. In the societies of today, these laws are present for the same reasons as in the Babylonian society and also because it says in most if not all holy books "though shall not steal, commit adultery, kill, or lie". In the Babylonian society and in today's societies, some of the same laws are present, but the…

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  • The Consequences Of Pajama

    Pajama's are comfortable and should be able to be worn. It's not a distraction, they are just clothes. A lot of people get distracted easily and the school is just blaming it on what people wear. Also, girls can wear shirts that go down to the middle of their chests and not have anything said to them about it. When a girl has a little bit of their stomach exposed they are sent home to change or just yelled at. I know because this happened to me. That's just not right at all. The things that…

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  • The Different Side Of Events In Procopius's The Secret History

    The Secret History was written by Procopius during his lifetime, but after his other works. This was a work written for himself and close friends, which he never intended to publish. The Secret History shows a different side to the events that happened in the Byzantine Empire. This book shows a different side to many different, well know rulers in Byzantine. Procopius portrays Antonina to be a very scandalous person with very little morals who would cheat on her husband every chance she got.…

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  • Why Was Machiavelli's Plan To Win The Battle Of Hannibal

    order to be alone to reflect on the issues that troubled him. While alone, it is believed that Allah shared messages with Muhammad through Angel Gabriel. Muhammad was instructed to share with others as inspirations and spiritual guidance. Eventually the messages were recorded and titled the Qur’an, “The Holy Book of Islam.” By the eleventh century, the leaders of churches changed the way in which church officials were appointed which came to be known as “lay investiture”. Pope Gregory VII did…

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