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  • Who Showed Up To The Catalina?

    Catalina when you were there. He said Nubs, and some dude and some chick. Rocky said he does not know who they were. He gave Nubs the key, because he said they were going to go into his room and have some fun. Rocky said okay, I’ll let you all use my bed and my room. I said, so you let them into your room to do whatever they were going to do, have sex, whatever? He said yes. Rocky said that was what he was under the impression of is that they were going to use his room for sex. I asked for clarification purposes, who was all there? Rocky said Nubs and Kayla then another girl, and another guy. Rocky said he then left and walked the other girl to her apartment. I asked where the other girl’s apartment is. He said the pines. Her name started with a “T”. Where were your ex-girlfriend and her sister when everyone showed up? He said they went back home to Tahlequah before everyone got there. That is where…

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  • Cool Dudes

    McCright and Riley E. Dunlap’s essay, “Cool dudes: The denial of climate change among conservative white males in the United States,” they state that “conservative white males are more likely than other adults in the US to express climate change denial views” (McCright et al., 1171). McCright and Dunlap also discuss two main reasons, identity-protective cognition and system-justification tendencies, which lead to conservative white males’ denial views. Identity-protective cognition means that…

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  • Be Cool To The Pizza Dude Analysis

    In the article, Be Cool to the Pizza Dude by Sarah Adams from 2005, she discusses her one philosophy about life. Her philosophy is “Be cool to the pizza delivery dude; it’s good luck.” Adams’ also includes her reasons for this specific philosophy. Her first reason is “Coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in humility and forgiveness.” Adams’ second reason is “Coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in empathy.” Another one of her principles for this philosophy includes…

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  • Dude Scott Fabius Kiesling Analysis

    The article “Dude” that I was asked to present to the class was written by Scott Fabius Kiesling, an American sociolinguist, whose interest in the field of language and gender prompted him to investigate the functions and meanings of the word ‘dude’ in American cultural discourses. The first thing I discussed in my presentation was the goals that Scott Kiesling pursued in his paper, namely find out “the patterns of use for dude, its functions and meaning in interactions”, the reasons of its…

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  • Dude By Scott F. Kiesling Analysis

    analyze the argument in the academic article Dude by Scott F. Kiesling, where Kiesling argues that a specific form, in this case being the word “dude” holds various functions and represents different ideologies that are discussed at length. I will do this by explaining what the form is and how the form is used, and then explaining the link between form and function, the ideology of the word, as well as the claims Kiesling makes, all while supplying the different forms of evidence Kiesling gave…

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  • Dude You Re A Fag Analysis

    In the article “Dude, You’re a Fag”, Pascoe claims that the term “fag” is a method to control amass of the population and genderize behavior. To introduce, the term “fag” is typically used in scenarios where an individual’s behavior isn’t sufficiently masculine. Moreover, the term is extremely fluid and can be used in various situations as well, as it always has a negative connotation to the term. For this purpose, when the term is applied to someone, it has a continuous connection with power…

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  • Dude Where's My Country Analysis

    Dude, Where’s My Country? is a good book for people that dislike bush, and like talking about and learning about different things that happened while he was in office and if he was going to become president again for another term. Moore Talks about 9/11 and Bin laden throughout this book and his opinion on how is was basically done on purpose by Bush. He states different facts that can sort of prove what Moore is saying about Bush. Like how the Bush administration resisted the special commission…

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  • Analysis Of Dude You Re A Fag

    influence by The Western Gender Paradigm. They explain the importance that sexuality is heterosexual, everyone one is either biologically male or biologically female, and everyone is either a man/ masculine or woman/feminine. Advocating on those values and rules helps individuals form homophobia with non-heterosexuals and heterosexuals. Heterosexuals will form prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes against individuals that do not follow their views. In addition, homosexuals develop their own…

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  • Summary Of Dude You Re A Fag

    When I started reading Dude, You’re a fag by C.J. Pascoe, I thought it was going to be just another book about high school clichs and gossipy girls being mean. Boy was I wrong. This book explained a ton of patterns that I saw in high school every day but never picked up on. Many of which I still see in college to some extent. But this class being a sociology class, I see things in the real world that we’ve discussed in class all the time. So for this reason, it was pretty easy to find a couple…

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  • Dude You Re A Fag Summary

    Dude, You’re A Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School by C.J. Pascoe (2007) is an important piece of sociological research about the intersection of sexual identity and masculinity in adolescent males. Though ten years out of date, and sidetracked by the topic of female gender identity, this book provides an in-depth look at the behaviour of teenage males within educational institutions. I would recommend this book for people who interact with children and teenagers on a regular basis,…

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