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  • LLEH World: A Short Story

    though, well heaven’s waiting for you, but first you have to collect a minimum of 1,000 souls, For what I haven’t hurt anyone?! Technically you did Oliver…. How? The car you crashed into killed the driver, and severely hurt a young girl, when you 're ready she will be the 1,000th soul your hands will carry here; From that day on, I’d go from hospitals, to car crash scenes, to jails, in search of the next unwilling soul to be collected. First I’d approach the troubled soul, tell them who I am, assess them, then snatch their souls from the inside of their cold hearts, and place them into my duffle bag for transport to LLEH World. Some were lucky enough though to micro evolve into a changed person within an hour of my visit, and I’d send them on their way up to the stars on that fancy elevator, dogs get to happily jump up on. I don’t want to leave this Earth and go with you trashy duffle bag carrying creeper, Get over yourself, you 're going to LLEH World whether you like it or not. I’m going to Hell?!!! Yes, you’re evil let 's be honest…. I’m totally not, everyone loves me Pfhhh! Look in the mirror honey, you bullied both girls, and boys, and played horrible pranks on others, sometimes making them cry in private. Not true, I’m heaven worthy! But there was that one time…. Which time, there was several. Pffhh fine I’ll admit I hurt a lot of people, but it’s not like I killed someone. You actually did…… Who?! Your own father. She began to cry, tear after tear, falling on the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Weightlifting Competition

    There is one day between now and the weightlifting competition and I still need to get back home to New York City. I took the elevator back down to the lobby and ran into a room full of laptops. I go into the computer lab and look up Lax airport so I can get a plane ticket back home. Looking at all of these outrageous prices for one flight and it's a one way flight. I look at southwest and they were the cheapest out of all of the other airlines. But there's one problem this 10,000 dollars in…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Irresponsible Adult

    make my apartment as clean as possible so hopefully the bugs won’t want to stay. I may have left dirty dishes in the sink for a few weeks and not taken out the trash even though it was full but mostly I had a clean apartment. After cleaning the whole apartment, I hear a knock on the door, could it be the exterminator? Please be the exterminator. Thank goodness, it’s the exterminator and he sprays my whole apartment and ensures that I shouldn’t be seeing anymore cockroaches or bugs of any kind.…

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  • My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey To Radical Change

    In the book, My Orange Duffel Bag, A Journey to Radical Change, Sam Bracken discusses his 7 Rules for the Road and also his journey throughout his life. After reading the book, I can take a lot of what I learned and apply it to my life and personal goals. Even if you grow up in a horrible childhood or go down the wrong path, making mistakes. There will always be chances to turn around if mistakes were made in the past. Throughout my life I had made mistakes and done things I would take back if I…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Crisis

    product I should continue using; and even if they are recyclable, I should strive to lower my usage as the recycling process contributes to the emissions issue and part of the on-going problem with climate change. But, although removing usage of plastic bags are great, I am still unsure of how I would replace the trash bags I use in my house. As the convenience of trash bags is a majorly important product in my life, it will be a challenge to immediately change it to anything else. So, the issue…

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  • How My Grandmother Influenced Me

    box of cereal. I am also tasked with taking out the garbage. It isn’t a hard job, but my grandma is set in her ways, so everything has to be done a certain way. For instance, the garbage in the bathroom, which is already in a white Walmart bag, must be dumped into a grey Walmart bag before being put in the large, white garbage bag from the kitchen. Additionally, things like banana peels cannot simply be thrown into the garbage.They must be wrapped in paper towel and put into a smaller bag, like…

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  • Personal Narrative: Finding My Retainer

    Melissa dragged out the first bag from the big dumpster and poured it into the bathtub. It was a mushy mess and smelled as if someone died. In the tub there was tons of rubbery hamburger patties left, soggy fries and mushy bananas. We did this four more times, and found absolutely nothing besides leftovers and tons of unopened milk cartoons. In our boredom of trying to find my retainers, we created a fun game. We would open each milk carton and pour each one out over all the mush, it was quite…

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  • Reflective Essay: Keep Midland Beautiful

    Keep Midland Beautiful that I would volunteer at. They would always assign my group to a place where it would take about 20 minutes to pick up, and then we could leave. So, my first impression of this was that it wouldn’t take the two hours assigned and we could leave in no time. I was wrong. I had filled up two trash bags within the first hour! And at the end, there was at least 50 trash bags that everyone else gathered up. That’s not even counting the pieces of Styrofoam or even the tires that…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sleepwalking

    me to school cause he says I needed the exercise. Pffft. Even though the bus came right out side I still had to get dressed and pack my lunch and my school bag. So I hopped up and threw the covers back on my bed and walked over to my closet, opened it up and started to grab clothes. Buttoned blue shirt. Check. White khakis. Check. Black socks. Check. I grabbed my computer and stuffed it in my bag along with the science workbook. Oh yeah and when I said my dad tells me to just walk, he’s…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why Teenagers Are Coming Home

    Title Early morning, tons of teenagers with their families are flooding into the recruitment base. For some it may have been a long journey, but for me, it was almost in my backyard. All the kids carrying huge bags that were probably received from their high school as a graduation gift. In other countries graduates receive books or special pens. In Israel it’s a special bag for the army with the words “With Love” and the cities name. These bags are packed for two weeks as they were told to do,…

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