My Orange Duffel Bag: A Journey To Radical Change

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In the book, My Orange Duffel Bag, A Journey to Radical Change, Sam Bracken discusses his 7 Rules for the Road and also his journey throughout his life. After reading the book, I can take a lot of what I learned and apply it to my life and personal goals. Even if you grow up in a horrible childhood or go down the wrong path, making mistakes. There will always be chances to turn around if mistakes were made in the past. Throughout my life I had made mistakes and done things I would take back if I could, but that does not determine your future. All the mistakes I have made will not hold me back of a successful future but can be a learning experience to do better. Learning how to write down goals and believe in them is something I learned from the experience of Sam …show more content…
In the book Sam Bracken had to let go his friends so he could follow his goals because his friends were a bad influence and a negative cancer to his success. He had to give up a bonded friendship to discover a new one with others. If he didn’t let them go he might not have been successful with his goals he set. One of my goals is to become an entrepreneur; I had to value that goal through discovery by leaving all my friends from high school that went to different colleges, to attend to one of the best business colleges Davenport University. I might not have had the chance to become an entrepreneur if I decided to go to a party school. Even though none of my friends decided to go to the same college as I decided to, I had to value my goals higher and discoverer a step closer to my goals even if I am outside my comfort zone. The book, My Orange Duffel Bag, has really helped me strive for accomplishing all my goals. This book is a great motivation to learn how to be successful even if you experienced a horrible childhood in your

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