Reflective Essay: Three Lessons I Learned

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Throughout life, we learn different lessons be it from a teacher such as your parents, guardians, spouse, etc. or just going out and living and collecting experiences. From these, we grow and become the person we are today. We learn to shape us into the person we are and motivate the things we do and believe. I believe heavily in three core things I’ve learned in my life through experience. These core principles are Trust is something earned, sometimes you must think outside the box, and don’t let the bad moments outshine the good. The first lesson was one that I learned at an early age. When I was nine I was considered gifted for my age by my family and my school, but the thing that I always have a problem with was being too trusting. Now you would think as a kid my age what should I be worried about when trusting in someone. My older cousin who we’ll call …show more content…
As a high school student, Id say I was a decent sudent but could have done better. The main reason was that I didn’t know how to properly study. I also had a bad habit of neglecting my homework. this caused my work suffered and I began to fail. All the things my teacher was trying to teach me didn’t register with me. I needed to find a way to buckle down and do what needed to be done. If there was ever a nail my mother drove into me it was the importance of my school work. I brought the problem to her and she told me too look for help from those who have shown interest in you. She meant in my school, but I soon found myself asking for help from old teachers and counselors. It helped me find studying styles, learning methods, and procrastination killers that I could implement. I brought up my cripplingly hurt grades from f’s to b’s and learned some effective skills along the way. I didn’t think that going out that far from my own teachers, but with that push from my mom, I found myself thinking outside the box to get to my

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