Setting Goals For Myself

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No matter who you are, or where you are going in life, it is important to set goals. Goals give you something to work towards. They provide you with motivation to continually improve and work toward achieving the goal you have set. Personally, I try to set goals for myself in various areas of my life. I have noticed that when I set goals for myself I usually work harder, and have a better chance of achieving what I want to accomplish. Some goals I will address in this essay include academic goals, and personal life goals.
I tend to be very indecisive when it comes to decision making. It often takes me awhile to make a decision, and when I do I tend to change my mind. This affects my goal setting because I can not make a decision on what I
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This has always proved to be a strong source of motivation for myself, so I plan on continuing to set academic goals throughout college. My short term academic goal this year is to obtain A/B grades throughout the first semester. This goal is achievable as I have earned A/B grades before so I know I am capable of doing so again. As long as I complete my homework, pay attention in class, study for tests, and always ask questions this goal should not be too far out of reach. The process for completeling this goal will involve focusing on each class individually. If I look at each class separately rather then as a whole, it will be less intimidating and appear more attainable. I will know I have achieved this goal, after the first semester when the grades come in. If I succeed at this goal, I will have more confidence that I will be able to complete my long term goal. My long term academic goal goes hand and hand with my short term goal. My long term academic goal is to maintain A/B grades throughout all of my four years at Gannon, and make it on the deans list. If I am able to follow through with my short term goal of receiving A/B grades in the first semester, then I will have proof that I am capable of achieving these grades. Therefore, as long as I follow the same steps set for my short term goal, I should be able to achieve my long term goal. I will know I have completed this goal when I …show more content…
Not only will high grades look good when applying for a teaching position, but I will also have developed a strong sense of self motivation. This will drive me to work hard to complete any task that I am given. My short term career goal is to find an early childhood teaching job, preferably kindergarten, within the first year I am out of college. This goal is achievable as long as I continue to work hard throughout my four years at Gannon and establish a good resume. The process for completing this goal will involve creating a good reputation for myself through student teaching placements as well as volunteer opportunities. This will provide mw with a stronger resume and therefore I will stand a better chance in getting a job in a local school. The short term career goal I have set for myself, will allow me to establish myself as a teacher. However, this is only the start of fulfilling my long term career goal. My long term career goal is to have a teaching job in a school that I am happy in and that will provide me with a feeling of fulfillment. This goal is achievable if I establish a good resume providing me with the ability to choose a school in which I want to teach. The process for completing this goal will involve discerning what I want to experience as a teacher. Such as do I want to teach in a private school, public school, catholic school, etc. I will know I have

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