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  • Descriptive Essay About My Gym

    In the locker room are Dan and Jason. I say hello and continue on to my locker. More people come in and everyone starts talking about how bad their day was. It's almost a daily contest to see who can have bragging rights for having the worst day, perhaps they want sympathy or maybe they just like to complain a lot. I find it humorous that a bunch of guys who come in every day to train and beat on each other can complain so much, so I laugh at them and leave the locker room. I start…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Major Depression

    I stared straight ahead at a girl with dark brown eyes too big for her face, with sallow skin and a busted lip. I was unrecognizable, even to myself. My eyes continued rooming down the length of the mirror, lingering upon my reflection. I looked like the lost, rag doll you keep in your attic, after realizing she's no longer full of life. My depression had altered me, for the worse. I knew I needed help, but I was too afraid to ask for it. I lived in an illusion, choosing not to acknowledge the…

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  • Teton Mammoth Research Paper

    The perfect bag for any family outing, the Teton Mammoth bag is comfortable, warm, and large enough to accommodate almost any camper–and sometimes even two or three. The Mammoth sports a soft cotton flannel lining with a temperature rating of 0 degrees F, helping campers stay cozy in almost any family camping locale. The bag’s shoulder baffle and pair of full-length zipper draft tubes, meanwhile, help keep warmth in and cold out, a must on chilly fall evenings. And campers who really want to…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Camping With Wolves

    Camping with Wolves My most memorable camping trip Growing up my family went camping a lot. My parents wanted to make sure my brother and I grew up appreciating the outdoors. Of all of the campouts I’ve been on, my favorite was our trip to Mission: Wolf. Mission Wolf, is a wolf sanctuary located in the mountains of southern Colorado. We left our house very early in the morning on a Friday. It was still dark out and the moon and stars were twinkling in the blackness. As we drove, the sky to the…

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  • Instant Cabin Tent Case Study

    Why Should You Get the Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room Instant Cabin Tent? Description: This Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room instant cabin tent review discusses the strengths and weaknesses of this huge tent. The makers of the Ozark Trail 12-person, 3-room instant cabin tent has one big promise—that this cabin tent can be set up in under two minutes despite its huge size. This is arguably the major selling point of this instant cabin tent. However, you will also realize that there are other things…

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  • Should Plastic Bags Be Banned In The United States?

    think that plastic bags should be banned in the whole entire United States. Not only would it encourage people to use reusable bags, it will save many animals, and will prevent toxins from entering into the air. First of all, with a ban on plastic bags, it will encourage people to use reusable bags. Reusable bags have a benefit on not only you, but also the environment around us. Some shops charge people for plastic bags, but gives money to you when you shop with a reusable bag. This means…

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  • Plastic Bags: A Personal Policy Analysis

    Plastic bags provide many practical benefits for customers for carrying and transporting products such as lightweight, inexpensive and hygiene. However, they are also the double-edged swords as they pose a threat to the environment including water contamination and air pollution. This essay will analyze the issue of excessive consumption of plastic bags in terms of my daily life, provide explanations for the impact of this issue and offer my personal policy that I plan to follow during the…

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  • Objects Of Life Research Paper

    Objects Of Life Using objects is a helpful and effective way to tell a story. Having visual aids to support the story possibly attracts viewers ' attention, keeps the focus on the important parts of the story and makes it easier to follow and comprehend the story line. The objects I 'd select to illustrate my very own story include a tent and camping equipment, my passport, a toy plane, my suitcase, running shoes, my medals and lastly my wedding ring. The first set of objects – tent and…

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  • Personal Essay On How Timmy Changed My Life

    Personal Essay Being homeschooled, Timmy was a large part of my life. We were together almost every day for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t just him and I though, two days before my 6th birthday, on September 30th, 2004, our family welcomed Sebastian to the world. On that day our family got bigger; one person doesn’t seem like much at first thought, but one person can change a lot. As a baby, Sebastian wasn’t the easiest to care for, he taught me patience. Timmy taught me love, his love…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Sixth Grade

    Then, she proceeded to say that she was excited to work with me as not only an athlete; but also as a student.We walked into the the library and found a table where we could begin working. “Ok so lets get started” said Erin as she put her tan tote bag on the…

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