Descriptive Essay About My Gym

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Register to read the introduction… In the locker room are Dan and Jason. I say hello and continue on to my locker. More people come in and everyone starts talking about how bad their day was. It's almost a daily contest to see who can have bragging rights for having the worst day, perhaps they want sympathy or maybe they just like to complain a lot. I find it humorous that a bunch of guys who come in every day to train and beat on each other can complain so much, so I laugh at them and leave the

locker room. I start out as usual by grabbing a
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Over the years growing up I have been able to meet many people from the gym that I would have never met otherwise. Through the years there have been quite a few people that have come and gone through the gym. Some did not know what to expect and did not like it or people who just didn't like putting in the time to really learn anything and improve. I have also had the opportunity to meet many different people from around the country and even the world from going to different seminars and training camps, none of which I would have been at unless I was involved at the gym.

As those people came and went and as I out lasted all of them I have built up a good amount of seniority. As a result I receive all the little perks that accompany seniority, the parking spot, one of only a couple lockers, special discounts on equipment, and access to the gym whenever I feel like it.

Different people are there for different reasons. Some are there to get themselves in shape, others are there to learn self-defense, and then a number of others such as myself are more involved in the sport aspect of it. For whatever reason one is there for, the benefits are all the same, namely in addition to the above along with feeling better physically and having reduced stress. For myself it has taught me time management, dedication, and

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