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  • James Brown: The Godfather Of Soul

    “many rock critics have called it the greatest of all live albums”. James Brown wanted to create his own sound so he could be distinguished from other artists. As Feeney (2006) talks about James Brown and his hit single 1965 “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” and different style from other artists of his time, he…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Wells Fargo Bank

    “Oh no,” I said to myself. How could I be late I only have a couple of drinks last night as I stand in front of my boss telling myself she might forgive me but I heard the dreaded word “Why were you late?” Quickly I imagined a realistic story she might believe. It was a busy morning for the Wells Fargo bank I stood there in line holding my light blue check watching as the bank teller with their bright white shirt and black pants uniform standing behind a bulletproof window talking to the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The 1999 Columbine Massacre

    parking close to the exit/ entrance of the cafeteria (West). They left their cars carrying several CO2 bombs, one semi automatic 9mm hand gun, 9mm carbine rifle, a sawed off twelve gauge shot gun, sawed off twelve gauge pump shot gun and brought in a duffel bag with one twenty pound propane bomb that could kill…

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  • Owl's Nest Research Paper

    the owl’s nest a place where good students got rewarded for excellent behavior but we were not going there as good students but as marauders ready to jump at the first sign of loot and reward. The plan was simple the four of them enter with 2 empty bags and I stay out as a look out. I had made a morse code with them when I would knock on the door certain amounts of times they would know if it is safe or busy. They enter and I stay outside pretending to mingle with other students while keeping an…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Good Air Mattress

    Best Air Mattress There are many types of mattresses although all are not created equal. This is a good thing, since as they say; ‘variety is what life if made of.’ What makes a good air mattress? Several things will make a good air mattress. One of these things is the price of the item you are buying. However, you need to toe the safe string here, as price does not always translate into comfort and convenience when it comes to buying a product. What has been found to determine a good…

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  • The Narrative Game Of My Senior Year Of Football

    Colorado sunrise comes in through the window, waking me. I get up and put on my sweatpants, warm from just getting out of the dryer. I bring a duffel bag downstairs, and drop it in the front room. I shuffle into the dimly lit kitchen, and grab a bagel. I put it in the toaster, then spread some honey nut cream cheese on it. I walk out my front door, grabbing my duffel bag on the way. I throw it in the back of the truck, and hop in the driver’s seat. I turn the key over, plug my phone into the aux…

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  • John Holly's Asian Bistro: A Short Story

    indeterminable stair climb, I’m drinking more Jack from the bottle when the yellow light of an opened door pollutes the gloom. A blonde shirtless male with a bowl cut is sprawled on the floor next to a brunette sitting Indian-style. Kristen throws her bag to the ground and holds her hands in the hair, “Hello, my loves.” “You’re here! Yay,” the blonde exclaims excitedly. “Remy,” she nods to the giddy blonde, “This is handsome Dakota,” she shrugs toward me, “Dakota, this is Kenny,” she points to…

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  • Mary Elizabeth Harriman Case Study

    Mary Elizabeth Harriman, the wife of Russell Williams, aided and abetted in his crimes by not revealing his behaviour and actions to the police. Mary Elizabeth Harriman must have been aware of her husband’s illicit conduct but she did not report that conduct to the police. Harriman gained financially from this illicit conduct. She acquired Williams’s assets after he was captured, including his half of the couple’s new townhome in Ottawa. She acquired his half of their $700,000 house in a…

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  • Graduation Speech: My First Bomb

    It happened. Eric and I set up our first bomb a few miles away from the school and fire station, a skillful diversion from the chaos about to take place today. We will have our revenge on society and be free, able to exist in a timeless, spaceless place of pure happiness. I hated the happiness the jocks had; I never wanted to be one of them. Soon, though, I will have something infinitely better. Pulling into the senior parking lot, I impulsively slam my car door, my hands itching to wrap…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Traditional American Family

    should have been smarter than that Katherine. Did you really think you could kill me? Well obviously you can 't. In fact, the tables have turned and I killed you." I laughed to myself and at this dramatic twist of irony. "Just know, that I hid the duffel and all of its contents where no one will ever find them. I won this battle, just like I always knew I would." I backed away and covered her head with the sheet. "See you in Hell, Katherine." I started up my fake tears and my fake sobs and went…

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