Personal Narrative: My Sixth Grade

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“I have received your SOL scores” stated my sixth grade math teacher,Mrs.Avery.”As I call your name, come out in the hall to hear your score. Mrs.Avery began to call the names of several of my classmates;I waited anxiously for her to call mine.Then I heard Kelse- before she could even finish. I immediately got up from my seat and began walking swiftly.Once I got into the hall I could feel Mrs.Avery looking at me but I did not make eye contact.She slowly removed the paper covering the scores. Then pointed to my name,I read horizontally until I found the score column. I began to read the little fine black numbers that read 375. My eyes began to water.I could not believe I just failed my first standard of learning test. After telling my mom the horrible news, we both felt that it was best for me to get a tutor. My entire sixth grade year I struggled with all of my classes,resulting to really low passing SOL scores and even failing one of them. Deep down I knew I needed a tutor but my pride made it difficult for me to accept my reality.In the past I
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Once I had arrived to my local county library, La Prade. I got out the car and followed my mom inside. As soon as we open the door to the lobby of the library I hear a voice say “Kelsey”. I look to see so I could match the face with thevoice,it was my cheer coach Erin. She began to introduce herself as if I didn’t already know her,bringing up an unknown point that she was a fourth grade teacher at Bensley Elementary School. Then, she proceeded to say that she was excited to work with me as not only an athlete; but also as a student.We walked into the the library and found a table where we could begin working. “Ok so lets get started” said Erin as she put her tan tote bag on the

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