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  • Tutor Reflection

    This past October, I applied to be a tutor for both The Study and Student Athlete Support Services here at Loyola. As a tutor, I spend about 3-6 hours a week in The Study, located on the 3rd floor of Jenkins Hall, helping fellow students and student-athletes better understand their class material. However, The Study is also used as a workspace, utilized by Loyola students for individual studying, group projects, as well as tutoring sessions. Students that are together in The Study at the same time are part of a gathering, which Goffman defines as “any set of two or more individuals whose members include all and only those who are at the moment in one another’s immediate presence” (Goffman, 18). More specifically, this gathering would be instrumental,…

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  • Successful Writing Tutor

    Believe it or not, going on a first date and being a writing tutor have many similarities. There is a wide scope of tasks men should accomplish if they want their first date to be a successful one. Men should do certain little things before, during, and at the end of each first date that could potentially contribute to their overall success. A successful writing tutor shares many of the same qualities as a man who plans a memorable first date. The list goes on and on but creating a confident…

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  • Essay On Importance Of Writing In Academic Life

    In the ELI, there are six levels that are taught gradually. Sometimes, when the ELI students go to the writing center, it is hard for the tutors to get what some students want to say in their papers. There are different tutors who are working on different shifts. The tutors sometimes cannot track the progress of students. But if the ELI has its own writing center, it will be easier to track the progress of students. A number of committed tutors will work with the writing center on a permanent…

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  • My Reflection On The Afterschool Program At Sunset Elementary School

    In my Sunday School class, I teach about 5-6 students on average on a good day so trying to get 8 students all involved in the lessons and activities was going to be a challenge. I did not know how big of a challenge until I started the field experience. My mentor teacher prepared the tutors and encouraged us. She is an incredible teacher and mentor. I am truly happy to have had her teach me everything she knows about teaching. She is a positive, loving, kind-hearted teacher who respects the…

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  • Essay On Why I Want To Be A Tutortor

    Why do you want to become a tutor for the UTC? What qualities do you possess that will make you an effective tutor? I want to become a tutor because I greatly enjoyed tutoring both my Junior and Senior years of high school. I have always helped those around me who struggle in class and tutoring is a natural extension of that. Additionally, tutoring is one of the only careers I have had experience in so far making this a familiar job. My best quality for this job is experience. I tutored on a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Writing Center

    Martin’s Sourcebook for Writing Tutors. More specifically, the Jeff Brook’s article, “Minimalist Tutoring: Making the Student Do All the Work” was present in my mind during our exchange in the session. The first step I took was to, “sit beside the student, not across a desk… This first signal is important for showing the student that you are not the person ‘in charge’ of the paper” (130). I felt that following this step was crucial in my success of breaking down the tutee’s standoffish attitude…

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  • Inquiry In Higher Education

    knowledge and abilities of the supporters builds capacity of the university (Malloy, 2011). The extent to which Central Valley College engages in inquiry The process of inquiry is essential to quality practice; therefore, it is important to realize the impact of neglected assumptions (Duke, 2011). Central Valley College is data and survey driven, but applicable, pertinent research in areas of process are questionable. There is a relatable example based on a recent meeting involving math and…

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  • Personal Narrative About An Event That Changed My Life

    leaving and started Adjusting to a new environment. After few month when i started to attending high school i started to observe the advantages and the improvement i was having in my daily routine that i never had back home. Back in my country the education system that they had is not great as compared to the education we have here. First of all, people over there had to pay for school and tutor every month, even fee for admission to the school. That most of the lower class people could not…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Embry-Radle Aeronautical University

    ought to improve this important building. Secondly, the tutoring center is a necessary part of the learning support field, but ERAU does not take this part seriously. First, the number of the tutors at ERAU is limited and not enough for the students’ need. For example, there is only one tutor for all business majors. One tutor can not be expected to help management, finance, and marketing students at the same time. Next, ERAU prepared a small area for the tutoring center. This can be…

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  • Civic Engagement Essay

    afford it. The goal of my program is to close the gap of economically and uneconomically when it comes to education. I believe education is an inalienable right; the level of your education should not rely on your economic or social status. At fist, my impact will be local, but as my program grow, it will be national and then hopefully international. As I mentioned before, education should be an alienable right, so someone in my profession (education) should attempt to create more programs that…

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