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  • Personal Essay On How Timmy Changed My Life

    doubt about it. I wasn’t pleased we were moving, but I wasn’t angry about it like he was. Things were different once we moved, it wasn’t awful, everyone was just busier. Timmy had graduated high school and was working full time, this was when the economy was terrible. He decided to join the Army. At first they rejected him, he had to lose weight. While this sounds like a minor thing to do, for him it wasn’t. For most of his life he was heavier set. He taught me determination, instead of giving up, he gave it his all. He ran, worked out, and ate better. It gets absurdly hot here in South Carolina and we live at the bottom of a massive hill, but that didn’t stop him. Wearing what looked like a sweatsuit made out of trash bags he would go for a run. Supposedly the trash bag sweatsuit helped you lose weight. With a lot of difficult work and even more sweat; he lost the weight and was able to join the Army. He enlisted to be an artillerist and went to basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The thought of him being gone that far and that long was painful. Although times were still tough money wise, my family drove to Fort Sill to see Timmy graduate basic training. It was an extremely long drive. We made stops along the way, which were fun, but we were all ready to see him. A day before we arrived, my mom got a phone call. It was him telling us not to come because he wasn’t graduating. We were already so close, we were not ready to turn around. So we continued onward. When we got…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Crisis

    product I should continue using; and even if they are recyclable, I should strive to lower my usage as the recycling process contributes to the emissions issue and part of the on-going problem with climate change. But, although removing usage of plastic bags are great, I am still unsure of how I would replace the trash bags I use in my house. As the convenience of trash bags is a majorly important product in my life, it will be a challenge to immediately change it to anything else. So, the issue…

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  • How My Grandmother Influenced Me

    box of cereal. I am also tasked with taking out the garbage. It isn’t a hard job, but my grandma is set in her ways, so everything has to be done a certain way. For instance, the garbage in the bathroom, which is already in a white Walmart bag, must be dumped into a grey Walmart bag before being put in the large, white garbage bag from the kitchen. Additionally, things like banana peels cannot simply be thrown into the garbage.They must be wrapped in paper towel and put into a smaller bag, like…

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  • Reflective Essay: Keep Midland Beautiful

    Keep Midland Beautiful that I would volunteer at. They would always assign my group to a place where it would take about 20 minutes to pick up, and then we could leave. So, my first impression of this was that it wouldn’t take the two hours assigned and we could leave in no time. I was wrong. I had filled up two trash bags within the first hour! And at the end, there was at least 50 trash bags that everyone else gathered up. That’s not even counting the pieces of Styrofoam or even the tires that…

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  • Personal Narrative: Sleepwalking

    me to school cause he says I needed the exercise. Pffft. Even though the bus came right out side I still had to get dressed and pack my lunch and my school bag. So I hopped up and threw the covers back on my bed and walked over to my closet, opened it up and started to grab clothes. Buttoned blue shirt. Check. White khakis. Check. Black socks. Check. I grabbed my computer and stuffed it in my bag along with the science workbook. Oh yeah and when I said my dad tells me to just walk, he’s…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why Teenagers Are Coming Home

    Title Early morning, tons of teenagers with their families are flooding into the recruitment base. For some it may have been a long journey, but for me, it was almost in my backyard. All the kids carrying huge bags that were probably received from their high school as a graduation gift. In other countries graduates receive books or special pens. In Israel it’s a special bag for the army with the words “With Love” and the cities name. These bags are packed for two weeks as they were told to do,…

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  • Narrative Essay On Brown Paper Bag

    Brown Paper Bag For the last six years, I have been preparing my daughter’s school lunch in a brown paper bag at home; and recently, she has been persistently demanding to buy a different lunch bag with fancy colors, creative designs, and innovative features. “Mom, why can’t I just get one of those colorful lunch bags like everybody else in my school?” My daughter determinedly argued. “Because this brown bag is very special.” I determinedly answered her back. Deep down my head, I was…

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  • Environmental Effects Of Ridding Of Plastic Bags

    The video shows that ridding of plastic bags is possible, but there needs to be a change. Plastic bags are environmental hazardous, and even though there is a simple solution they are still being used. Until we show companies that plastic bags are no longer needed or wanted companies will still use them. There are many negative environmental effects of having plastic bags. Besides being unsightly plastic bags adds to the negative effects of greenhouse gases. According to the Northern Territory…

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  • Life Without Plastic Essay

    Some blows out of the water by mistake or come from large landfills. The other rest of plastic comes from people that throw it into the water on purpose or leaving it on a beach so that it ends up in the sea. Animals sometimes swallow plastic stuff or eat the plastic. The animals may be damaged and it happens that they die. The problem becomes greater because most of the plastic takes a long time to break down. The plastic that is in the sea will thus remain there if no one picks it up. Many sea…

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  • Scarlet Skye Character Analysis

    Scarlett Skye was an average girl. She is 17 years old and 5 foot 10 inches, she had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that are as bright as the sky. She has an oval face with peachy skin, she has slightly plumped lips and a nose that fits perfectly on her face. She has a model like body that is slim, she not weak girl, she is the strongest girl in the school. She is very athletic and very determined to win, she loves to play lacrosse, soccer, track, cross country and basketball. She was voted…

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