Personal Essay On How Timmy Changed My Life

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Personal Essay
Being homeschooled, Timmy was a large part of my life. We were together almost every day for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t just him and I though, two days before my 6th birthday, on September 30th, 2004, our family welcomed Sebastian to the world. On that day our family got bigger; one person doesn’t seem like much at first thought, but one person can change a lot. As a baby, Sebastian wasn’t the easiest to care for, he taught me patience. Timmy taught me love, his love was unconditional. Even when Sebastian or I had him and our parents pulling out their hair, he showed love and kindness.
Fast forward to January 2008, we moved to South Carolina. Timmy was not thrilled to be leaving Florida. Although he was born in Illinois
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It was an extremely long drive. We made stops along the way, which were fun, but we were all ready to see him. A day before we arrived, my mom got a phone call. It was him telling us not to come because he wasn’t graduating. We were already so close, we were not ready to turn around. So we continued onward. When we got there we were informed that he would not be able to go out on family weekend since he had not graduated. The reason he was not able to graduate was he was unable to run the distance in the allotted time. He had stomach ulcers at that time, symptoms include vomiting blood and severe abdominal pain. While he was unable to finish the run, he was the best marksman in his unit. His Sergeant talked to my parents, he said that he would much rather have a great marksman than a fast runner, he also told us that he had never had a family drive that far for graduation. To that my brother responded, “You don’t know my mom.” I don’t know what changed the Sergeants mind, but he ended up letting Timmy go out for family weekend as long as he wore his Class A’s. My mom and I went from crying from sadness to crying for joy, we were going to get to spend time with him after not seeing him for so long. Honestly, I don’t remember much of the trip there and back, but I do remember getting to see him. We went to some nature reserve and got to see live buffalo. It was so …show more content…
I don’t remember much about that month, but I do remember the night he left to fly to Alaska. My heart wrenched and I felt like the air was being sucked out of my lungs. At the time I thought nothing could possibly hurt my heart more. Of all the places he could have been stationed, he was stationed in Alaska. The night he left I cried so loud and hard that he heard me outside when he was going to get in the car. He came in my room, hugged me, told me he loved me, and promised he would come back. I thought Alaska was far, but I soon realized Iraq was even farther. All I wanted for was him to return home safely and he did. After getting back from Iraq he got to visit home. I was thankful at the time for that visit, but now I am more grateful than words could ever describe that we got that time with him. All of us went down to Florida for his best friend’s wedding and a Disney trip which he paid for. Not very many 20 year olds would choose to go to Disney with their parents, siblings, grandma, and aunt, but he did. With him, four of his friends, and his family it was quite unique group. During that trip he was planning on going skydiving, but was unable to because he had gotten a full sleeve tattoo just a few days before. He was allergic to red dye and the tattoo had a lot of it, also he got it done in just two sitting which is unheard of. His arm was so swollen he couldn’t even move his fingers

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